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Ireland’s National Lottery Regulator discovered Minors Were Sold €1 Scratch Cards Illegally

National Lottery scratch cards were vended to underage persons illegally at four out of ten retail supplies in Ireland. the Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery published a report in the middle of the week. This is following a private investigation into the responsible gambling measures that were taken by the National Lottery. part of the research involved a team of unknown shoppers visiting 510 retail shops, post offices and supermarkets across Ireland to try and purchase a scratch card that was worth €1. The teams included of minors aged 15, 16 or 17 years purchasing the scratch cards. Also, a qualified adult interviewer of the global market and opinion research firm Ipsos MRBI were involved.

Ireland’s National Lottery Regulator

Ireland’s National Lottery Regulator – The Process

The immature test buyer had to try and buy a €1 scratch card. If they are questioned about their age, they were to give their right age, and also, should they be asked for their identity documents, they should reply and say they don’t have them.

The research did find that youths were asked their age only or for ID in about 63% of the time, which is around two-thirds of the places they did visit. The rest of the efforts to buy the tickets were fruitful. In 5% of cases where buyers were asked about their age, the scratch card sales were still succeeded. The investigation also found that obligatory signs saying that the products are vended only to peoples “over 18” years of age were exhibited only in 73% of the premises.

National Lottery Operator Says Its Responsible

Another survey was done by the ORNL. Under the supremacy of the regulatory body, Ipsos MRBI and it reached 1005 children that were aged 10 to 17. This was about whether they ever accepted tickets from the National Lottery themselves, with their own money. About 38 children, who signified up to 3.8%, bought the scratch cards. The so-called “mystery shoppers” also took part in the test on behalf of the National Lottery regulatory body which supervises the application of gambling legislation with regards to the sale of lottery products.

The legal Age of Gambling

The sale of National Lottery products to underage is forbidden under the National Lottery Act 2013. Besides that, an obligatory “Over 18” sign is required in every retail business under the Codes of Practice. With the latter also requesting all retail agents to ask customers for identification whenever they are hesitant . The results of the investigation were found to be concerning by the regulatory body, which is accountable for the monitoring and controlling of such products’ sales.

The findings

The National Lottery has confirmed their findings and they did explain that it continues to commit to taking necessary measures.

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