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What are the Best Roulette Odds?

Online roulette is one of the classic casino games. So for New Zealand players to increase their chances of winning, it is highly advised that they understand the roulette odds. Having an online roulette strategy is very important if one wants to expand their roulette odds.

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If you are already familiar with the game of roulette, you already know that the game comes with inside and outside bets. However, the roulette odds on outside bets come with higher chances of winning.

You might have already guessed that inside bets come with much slimmer chances of winning, but do have a much bigger payout. Roulette odds are quite easy to grasp, and as a result, our guide will help you get ready with roulette odds and start winning real money today!


Outside Bets – Online Roulette Odds

Outside bets are preferred by gamblers that want to feel secure whenever they make bets. Even-money bets are quite popular as they cover half of the possible payout, excluding the single and double zero. The even bets are shown as even or odd, red or black, 1 – 18 and 19 – 36. Such bets have a chance of winning about 50%.

Dozen and column bets cover 12 numbers and are estimated to be approximately the third on the top three roulette odds payouts. However, the payout might be less because of the single pocket or double pocket zeros. With the column or dozen outside bets, gamblers can wager on the first, second or third dozen of numbers. The same applies to columns.

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Inside Bets – Roulette Odds

There are different inside bet roulette odds available for players to use. Here are some of the biggest paying inside bets available:

Straight: Here, you wager on a specific number. This bet has a low roulette probability, with a payout of 35:1. The probability that the ball will land on the player’s bet is 2.70%, in European roulette and 2.63%in American.

Corner: Gamblers place a bet on four numbers that’ll make a square on the table. The outcome on this one is 8:1, with the probability being 10:53% on American roulette and 10.81% on European roulette.

Basket: The bet can only be placed on American roulette and give the player a chance to bet on the single zero, one, two, three, and the double zero. On this, you can expect probability of 16%, with a roulette odds payout of 6:1.



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