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Kiwi Casinos Terms and Conditions

Welcome to one of the best online casino affiliate sites. This page serves to elucidate on our Privacy Policy. The terms and conditions on this website will be communally referred to as an ‘Agreement’. Kiwi Casinos Terms and Conditions.The agreement constitutes a legitimate agreement between you (the reader/player) and us (Kiwi Casinos).

It is crucial for all the readers first to read and fully understand our Privacy Policy before they start making use of our services.

By visiting Kiwi Casinos, you are bound and are in harmony with the following terms and conditions.

1.Using the Site and Its Services

Our website, together with the services we offer may only be used by you if you are 18 years and older. The information and the services we offer are not meant to target anyone that is below the legal age (18).

Kiwi Casinos offers New Zealand players all the relevant information when it comes to the realm of online gambling and its casino games. Therefore, we do not operate an actual online casino website, neither do we accept any wagers for casino games from players.

2.Terms of the Content

You must always be friendly when you are interacting with other users of our site. Also, we do not condone any behaviour that may be interpreted by us as offensive, racist, defamatory, insulting, and rude. The most important thing to note when it comes to our content is that you must never make any false representations or statements regarding the information available here at Kiwi Casinos.

3.Online Gambling Services

Kiwi Casinos gives players or readers all the necessary information required for their gambling entertainment. We may have links to other third-party websites that relate to online casino gaming, and this means that we will advertise other online casinos on our site.

The gambling services of the casinos we advertise are only meant for players that reside in jurisdictions where online gaming is legal.

4.Termination of the Agreement

We can terminate this ‘greement’ or access to the website without giving notice to you. Also, we can do this without making any financial compensation to you in the event that:

  • We decide to suspend the services offered by Kiwi Casinos in general or directly to you.
  • If we strongly believe that you breached any of the terms and conditions for the site.
  • If you have been inappropriately using any of our services.
  • On any other grounds that we deem fit.
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