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Ireland Has the Highest Levels of Gambling Treatment Cases

In a report conducted by the Health Service Executive, the number of people who were treated for problem gambling has extremely increased. These records show that there were more than 250 instances of treatment for gambling addiction in health services in Ireland during 2018. Gambling, alcohol, and drugs are problems that have been pointed out by the Health Service Executive’s (HSE) reporting organization. The report has displayed records of about 1,750 instances of gambling spotted as the leading problem from about ten years ago.

Last year, 257 occurrences of problem gambling treatment were captured by the National Health Service. This amount is not like any other from the time it was recorded on the Health Service Executive structure. In addition, experts have said that it might likely be more by the closing of 2019. Records for one-third of this year state that there have been 82 occurrences of problem gamblers whose addiction to gambling got tended to. In 2011, it was the first year that gambling information was captured by the HSE. That year experienced the least captured number of gambling treatment instances.

Irland Has the Biggest Levels of Gambling Treatment Cases

Gambling Addiction Continues to Rise in Ireland Over Time

The Health Service Executive has cautioned that the previous information can’t be counted as exemplary of the problem on a national level. Moreso, even all-inclusive enough because reporting problem gambling and gambling harm treatment is not compulsory at the given moment. At the present time, there are about 30,000 people who are addicted to gambling in Ireland. These statistics were provided by the HSE to Louise O’Reilly. She is the spokesperson for Sinn Fein, and immediately requested that local authorities, health services, and politicians to tackle the issue for problem gambling to decrease.

Adding to the statement, she said that Ireland is already in hot water when it comes to gambling issues. The country has experienced the most gambling losses generated online per capita on a world-wide scale. Louise O’Reilly also mentioned that this matter doesn’t look like it’s shaking the pants of politicians.


Louise O’Reilly sited that the recorded data shows that young men are the ones who are most affected negatively from problem gambling activities. The health service in Ireland should put more resources into gambling problem research, treatment, education, and prevention. They need to target people who are most capable of becoming gambling addicts. She also mentions that authorities must take action in line with health service arrangements and ruling. Gambling addiction isn’t a recent issue to the industry but it has become tricky and bigger than before.

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