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NZ Online Bingo launch upsets problem gambling foundation

State-owned gambling operator, Lotto NZ is being challenged by the Problem Gambling Foundation (PGF) for the online bingo launch. The online is set to be a part of the games that can be found on the operators MyLotto platform. The online platform was established in 2008 and following its 2017 relaunch Mylotto has increased in both sales and amount of registered number of players. The platform’s launch of one New Zealand’s favourite online game was met with criticism from the anti-gambling organization.

Problem Gambling Foundation voices its concern

Andree Fraude, PGFs marketing and communications director expressed the foundations’ concerns in regards to the launch of Online bingo just after online instant play games were introduced. Fraude mentioned that both games were high-risk forms of gambling, and even though Lotto rates the games as ‘medium risk,’ the foundation disagrees. The main issue raised is that because MyLotto is an online platform that is accessible 24/7. The online game will target kiwi players who are vulnerable and have no control over their gambling tendencies.

Lotto NZ online bingo upsets PGF


Lotto NZ defends their new online game

The gambling operator issued a statement standing by the launch of the online game. LottoNZ said: “We believe there is still significant growth opportunity for the digital channel, as the current interactive player base makes up a relatively small percentage of players that participate in our games throughout the year across all channels.” The operator also justified their decision to launch based on the fact that they assess the risk profile of all their games. The assessment examines the characteristic of the games, including how risky the game could be for a vulnerable player.

Despite the foundation’s concerns, the online bingo launch is yet to happen. If you know of any kiwi players who have gambling issues, visit our responsible gambling page for more information on how to help.

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