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Gambling Adverts Ban Officially Implemented

Gambling adverts NZThe Gambling adverts ban has come into effect in the UK. This means that no gambling ads will be shown on television during sports matches before 9 pm. The ban, which excludes televised gambling adverts on horse racing, was announced by stakeholders in the UK gambling industry last year.  This was a voluntary decision from the gambling industry stakeholders. The decision was prompted by gambling addiction statistics among teenagers last year which rose drastically.

The Gambling Adverts ban is being implemented to decrease gambling among children. This ban is being introduced at a time when sports betting will increase as a result of the start of the football season. The Ashes, which have already commenced, will be the first sports event that will be affected by the new regulation. It is important to note that the ban will only be on televised sports matches. Casino sites will, for now, not be affected by the new regulation that has been set in terms of online adverts.

Gambling Advert Changes

It is not all doom and gloom as gambling adverts will still appear around the pitchside advertising hoardings.  Football t-shirts will also be allowed to advertise sponsorships from gambling firms. This essentially means betting firms will still appear on live sports. The only ban, therefore, will be during breaks and five minutes prior to the match’s commencement and five minutes after the end of a match.

As previously stated, the only exceptions of the ban are horse racing events as well as greyhound races.  Jeremy Wright, former Culture Minister, stated that it is important to protect children and any other vulnerable people in society from any harm that could be caused by gambling.

Gambling Adverts


The gambling act of 2005 will be altered, 12 years after its introduction. The 2005 legislation permitted the gambling industry to advertise on TV. Now, with the introduction of the new gambling advert ban, the Act will have to be relooked.

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