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The NZ Department of Internal Affairs contemplate a ban on gaming with credit cards

The New Zealand government agency that is responsible for regulating bookmaking on the region of the state, is considering a ban on the use of credit cards for gambling online. News about the possible introduction of the prohibition of the use of credit cards to gamble came as a local casino operative SKYCITY Entertainment Group is getting ready for preparations to make its first venture into the internet gaming space. Under New Zealand’s present law, the state-run Lotto and TAB are the sole operators that are authorized to provide gambling online services from within NZ. Nevertheless, it came earlier that SKYCITY, which is operating four hotels and the casino properties that are across NZ, teamed up with a Malta-based web gaming firm for the unveiling of its first internet casino.

Credit Cards Gambling

Credit Cards Online Gambling New Zealand

The gambling operation will be operated by SKYCITY’s Maltese subsidiary, which is SkyCity Malta. Also, it will be powered by the web casino platform of gambling and bookmaking operative and technology provider Gaming Innovation Group.

The decision by SKYCITY to venture into the internet gambling sector was encountered with varied reactions.  Some concerns were also voiced about the launch of the Skycity casino that it  would result in a bigger gambling addiction case. It is possible these concerns that prompted the Department of Internal Affairs to assess the nation’s gaming laws and perhaps levy a prohibition on the use of credit cards for gambling online.

The Probable Ban

While there are not many details about whether a ban on credit cards will be familiarized in NZ, it is believed that any measure will aim at protecting local gambling players from spending a lot of money on betting on online gambling sites that are not delimited by the local capable authorities. The UK Gambling Commission announced that it will hold a twelve-week discussion, taking place from mid-August. This is to determine whether it should prohibit online gambling with credit cards. Also, it emerged that the Australian bank Macquarie decided to begin blocking all transactions classified as gambling under the mercantile codes as from July 1st. It was also suggested that more banks may follow suit.

A Ban on Credit Cards

As mentioned above, under the New Zealand law, only two operatives are allowed to conduct gambling online. This is only from within the country. The operator said its site will include necessary tools and practices. Those are to make sure that gamblers have the chance to “enjoy gaming in a safe and secure environment.”

According to most New Zealand officials, SKYCITY going live with an internet casino shows the need for a new, stricter betting guideline. The prohibition on gaming with credit cards might be the first step towards the reorganization of the local gambling market.

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