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Video Poker Strategy for NZ Players

nz-video-poker-strategyVideo Poker strategy depends on understanding the rules of the game and how video poker machines operate. Your opponent is the machine and the best way to formulate a strategy to beat an opponent is to anticipate their next move. You can’t predict the next cards that will pop up on the screen but there is strategy you can use to improve your video poker gaming.  The strategies involve the deck used in the game and possible combinations that result from it.

It must be noted that the video poker strategy can be used to some extent on all variations. However, players must use game specific strategy for each variation. We will explore the Jacks or Better Video Poker strategy, deuces wild strategy amongst other game strategies. What’s more we have a list of Kiwi casinos which have video poker games. You can try out your strategies there and stand to win big.

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What You’ll Find on This Page:

Basic Video Poker Strategy

The standard video poker machine uses a 52-card deck. Unless you are playing Joker’s Wild video poker because that game includes jokers. For the games which do not include jokers there are finite possible combinations. Even though there are what might seem to be unending combinations, when you hold on to good cards even when they have a low payout you can almost guarantee a payout.


Basically, there are three things a player needs to do to improve strategy:

      1. Up your coin/bet size – this allows you to spin the machine more times and get more possible card combinations. The more card deals you get the closer you get to a winning match. This must be exercised with caution though. Do not break the bank if you are on a losing streak. Winners know when to stop.
      2. Choosing machines with better payouts – the great thing about video poker machines is they have paytables. These paytables tell you what the payout for different winning hands is. This information coupled with knowing what the house edge on each of the video poker games will help you in making better choices.
      3. Do not discard good but low paying hands – get the lower payouts instead of losing the whole bet in pursuit of the highest payout.

How to Improve Casino Video Poker Strategy

The best way to improve strategy with any casino game is to understand the game. This does not change with video poker. Regardless of what variation you play, Deuces wild, Jacks or better or any other, you must understand the game. Also understand that a high RTP does not necessarily translate to the best odds. The top two video poker games with the best odds are deuces wild and Jacks or better. With both these games you can get a payout from a low pair. Such low pairs can also be improved to a three of a kind. The simple way to boost your formulation of the video poker strategy is via these three easy steps:

      1. Understand the game – learn the rules of the game
      2. Learn how to play video poker – Once you know the rules, it’s time to learn how to play the game
      3. Make use of a video strategy card – a video poker strategy lays out the possible combinations odds and payouts.

Remember to be careful about which cards to get rid of and which to keep. Take note of the paytable to see which are the best cards to hold on to. For example, in Deuces wild it would be smart to hold on to the deuces. The more you play the better your chances of landing winning hands are.

Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy

Jacks or Better follows the rules of regular Video Poker. However, as much as you want the high payout hands, hold on to pairs. Those do not have a high payout but they do pay even money which offsets losing an entire bet because you are chasing the highest payout. Rather get your even payouts then when you have made enough of a profit go for riskier hands.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

Whatever you do in Deuces Wild video poker, keep your deuces. These are wilds and they offer significant payouts. Because Deuces are wild, they substitute for any other hand to form winning hands. Having a deuce could be the difference between having a straight flush or royal flush.

The golden rule with Deuces Wild is always hold on to your deuces.

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