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Video Poker Tips for Kiwi Players


Best Video Poker TipsHaving a few good video poker tips is essential to the game. Video poker is a casino game played on a computerized console much like a slot machine.  Five-card poker, the simplest variant of poker, is the basis for video poker in New Zealand and everywhere else in the world. The main goal of every gambler is to win money. In an effort to help you achieve this we offer a few video poker tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your poker game.

Video poker is a specific version of online poker and various sub- versions of video poker exist. Some of the popular versions include Jacks or Better, Triple Deuces and Joker Wild. The rules of video poker are the same as the standard version of poker except here you are not playing against other players. The overall objective of the game is to get dealt the highest ranked five card poker hand possible. So, forget the many discouraging video poker myths out there and read our video poker tips to improve your knowledge of the game.

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Top 5 Video Poker Tips

Tip #1: Practice Before You Play

We’ve all heard the saying that goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. The same applies to video poker games. Our first video poker tip is to use a training program to improve your poker game even before you play for real money. Video poker trainers are just like normal games, except they provide you with feedback and notifies you when you’ve made good or bad strategy decisions. That way you are less likely to make the same mistakes again, thus improving your gaming skills. Video poker trainers also cover several versions of poker, while some programs allow you to even customize pay tables so that you can practice any game.

Tip #2: Consider Free Video Poker

Our second video poker tip relates to the first except here you don’t need a helping hand and you are free of any financial commitments as well. Most online casino offer free video poker as a courtesy to its customers so finding a free poker game is easy. Another advantage of free video poker is that there are no restrictions regarding how many hands you can play. It’s also a good method to test a poker strategy. The only downside to poker is that you don’t receive advice or any feedback during the game like when you use a poker training program.

Tip #3: Use Video Poker Strategy Charts

Our next video poker tip suggests that you use a video poker chart in the beginning, we also suggest that you play the Jacks or Better variation of the game. This variation uses a simplistic strategy and its strategy charts are amongst the easiest to find.

Tip #4: Attend Poker Forums

This video poker tip appeals only to the most committed poker players with a strong sense of determination to master the game. Video poker forums are a platform where you can have all your burning questions about the game answered. Forums have a broad agenda that discusses all kinds of poker topics from strategy and training programs, to more fun unrelated points of discussion.

Tip #5: Read Up

Wisemen and women will let you know that one of the best ways to learn about anything is to read about it. There are many books on the market that can help you improve your video poker game, we’ve listed a few below:

  1. Million Dollar Video Poker, 2003, by Bob Dancer.
  2. Frugal Video Poker, 2006, by Jean Scott.
  3. The Video Poker Answer Book, 2000, by John Grochowski.
  4. The Video Poker Edge, 2nd Edition: How to Play Smart and Bet Right, 2006, by Linda Boyd.

While many still enjoy acquiring knowledge the old-fashioned way, others have grown too accustomed to the modern way of life. Some books might also be outdated due to new information being released often. If reading hard copy books aren’t your thing, the internet has many recent articles written by various experts about how to be great at poker.

Tip#6: The Do’s and Don’ts of Poker

Our next video poker tip discusses all the do’s and don’ts about the game. We’ll start with all the things you should do, followed by everything you shouldn’t:

  • Do check the pay tables. Video poker is one of the casino games that actually show you the exact payback amounts for the different ways to win. These pay tables are usually displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Do play the max amount of coins. Winnings in video poker is related to the number of coins played. And, if you want to realize your full winning potential, you have to bet the max amount. Every video poker machine has its own max amount, so be sure to find a machine whose max amount is within your budget.
  • Do use strategy. Poker is as much a game of skill than it is chance. Therefore, doing your homework and using a proper poker strategy is key if you want to stand any chance of winning.
  • Do not get carried away. Train yourself to not get overly excited too early in the game and risk losing your entire bankroll before the real fun even starts. Proper bankroll management is essential to long term enjoyment and success in a video poker game.
  • Do not play when you’re too under the influence. Having fun is an important part of the game, but playing video poker when you are too drunk only taints your decision-making skills which could leave you empty handed in the long run.

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