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Video Poker Myths in New Zealand

People who have superstitions create myths and they think it helps video poker myths debunkedthem make better gaming decisions. However, that is not true. In our video poker myths guide, we are debunking some of the well-known myths about these casino games.

When players want to come up with a strategy to play the game, they shouldn’t just follow what people say. You should be able to do your research and play the video poker game and try out strategies that you think will work for you.

Some people believe video poker myths because they think there is truth in them or they simply accept them as truths. However, when you do your research, you will come to know that all games are depended on the odds and the gameplay. More importantly, these games are also about luck.

Our video poker myths will have you understand the myths that are out there and which you should not take as truths.

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Top 5 Video Poker Myths

Myth #1: Hot or Cold Machines

Some players believe that when the video poker machines are cold, you should keep playing. What’s more, they think that when the poker machine is hot, it should be avoided. This video poker myth is not at all true because all audited video poker machines use a random number generator (RNG). The RNG makes the results of the game random and not predetermined.

Myth #2: Payouts are Controlled by Casinos

Many players believe that the casinos have a switch somewhere that they switch on and off for video poker machines to payout. This video poker myth would be defying the law that requires games to be random, which means that they will be breaking the law. What’s more, the games undergo testing to make sure that the games are random and fair for players.

Myth #3: The Video Poker Machine is Due

Players have a fallacy that if a video poker machine has not hit big in a long time, it will hit big soon. This is where the “video poker machine is due” myth comes from. However, each hand dealt on a video poker machine is not affected by the previous hand. This makes the video poker myth untrue.

Myth #4: Single Play Poker is Different from Triple Play Poker Strategy

All video poker games do not have a multiple hand strategy. This means that you will play all the games the same way, which makes the games not that different at all. If you have the skill to play more than one hand at the same time, you will have a strategic advantage.

Myth #5: Make a Living Playing Video Poker

This applies to players that have a big bankroll or players who are playing video poker professionally. However, it does not mean that it is easily possible to make a living out of playing this casino game. Only a few gamblers can pull this off. However, one thing to note is that gambling does not guarantee to win all the time. There will times when there are losing streaks, which means players are losing money.

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