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Top Poker Players Heading to Christchurch Casino for Major Poker Tournament

Poker players of the highest calibre in New Zealand will head to Christchurch to participate in the New Zealand Poker Champs tournament taking place this Saturday. This is one of New Zealand’s biggest poker events, with a likely prize pool of NZ $900,000. The turbo tournament has a deepstack of NZ $440 and the main event buy in is NZ $1950.

There are 12 other events with a range of buy-ins from NZ $250 to NZ $3125. These games include a variation of poker games such as No Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Short Deck No Limit Hold’em, Short Deck Pot Limit Omaha as well an event for women poker players and a bounty tournament.

In the past the New Zealand Poker Champs tournament has produced 8 New Zealand poker players over the past seven years. Last year Kuru Whiston and Renae Baker shared the prize money, each taking home NZ $70,000. Ben Rendall was the biggest winner last year taking home NZ $75,000.

Christchurch Poker Tournament for Poker Players

More than 200 Poker Players Expected to Attend the Event

The New Zealand Poker Champ tournament has attracted poker players since 1999 and this year will be no different. In the previous year more than 200 players attended the main event where the prize pool was NZ $391, 000.

Christchurch Casino poker manager, Warren Wyllie, told the media that the casino is ready to welcome all the poker players in the country. He further told the media that he and the casino staff are looking forward to crowning the 20th New Zealand Poker Champ. This event is expected to be one of the busiest the Christchurch Casino has ever had.

Hamish Crawshaw Also Expected to Attend the Event

The 2019 Sydney Champs winner Hamish Crawshaw is expected to attend the main event of the tournament. He will be coming along with Jack Efariamo. Mike King, the Kiwi comedian will also be in attendance.

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