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Apple Credit Card Can’t Be Used for Gambling

Kiwi players will not be able to use the Apple Credit card to make crypto purchases or to gamble. The Apple card is set to launch in the summer, and the banking method has set out a number of restrictions for gambling. Apple teamed up with Goldman Sachs on the Apple card. Following a customer agreement statement in the Goldman Sachs website, gambling is just one of the things kicked to the curb on the latest Apple innovation. From zero annual or transaction fees to great rewards the apple card would have been a hit with regular gamblers.

Players who enjoy playing using cryptocurrencies are fresh out of luck. The card will not be of much use at any casino. Restriction on the card includes casino gambling, web betting or digital currency purchasing. Players won’t be able to use the card to top up the accounts or play the lottery. The casino transactions are described as ‘cash advance and cash equivalents.

Cash Advance and Cash Equivalents

The Apple credit card customer agreement lists’ cash advance and cash equivalents’ as cash advances and other cash-like transactions This includes purchases of cash counterparts such as foreign currency, peer to peer transfers, money orders and wire transfers. In casino terms, the card will not allow players to pay for lottery tickets, physical or digital casino gaming chips or race track bets or similar betting.

NZ Apple Credit Card Restrictions

Apple Credit Card

The Apple card will be available on the wallet app on the users iPhone. To use the card, users will have to sign up, and after that, the user will be able to use it with Apple Pay. Forever purchase made on the card users gets daily cash, which works the same way as having NZ dollars in your wallet. The card uses advanced security technologies which could have been an excellent benefit for gamblers.

Credit Card Gambling in New Zealand

Credit card gambling is in the spotlight in New Zealand. Apple is not the only brand emphasising credit card restrictions. Several financial institutions are looking into banning the use of credit cards to gamble. New Zealand, the UK and Australia have started working on the ban of credit cards for gambling activities. In the US, players are also restricted from purchasing chips using credit cards In Nevada. California has also restricted players from making credit card purchases on all items associated with the lottery.

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