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Best Roulette Software Guide

Playing online with roulette software might make you wonder: “Can I beat roulette software to win?” While we don’t condone cheating, this is a legitimate question, so we may as well answer: “No.” Aside from the legal ramifications, there’s also the fact that no cheating system has ever been able to beat the algorithms used […]

Tararua Community Groups Advised to Participate in Gaming Review

Tararua community groups and sports clubs benefitting from gaming funds are being urged to take part in an upcoming review by the district council. These groups currently receive NZ$1.54 million in proceeds from 11 gaming venues across the district. However, the impact of gaming machines and problem gambling on the Tararua community are a serious […]

‘Dodgy’ Offshore Gambling Sites are Using New Zealand Domains

Offshore gambling sites might be allowed to take money from Kiwis. But some dodgy offshore websites are taking things too far. According to reports, these sites are using ‘.nz’ to capitalise on our nation’s reputation as a safe gambling destination. It’s no secret that Kiwi gambling is well-regulated and allows international casinos to offer online […]

FOBT Rules Avoided by Bookmakers with New Games

With FOBT rules firmly in place, bookmakers are now testing similar games that do the same thing. FOBTs (fixed odds betting terminals) used to have high stakes for players. These gaming machines are owned and operated by bookmakers in shops across the United Kingdom. However, they are now strictly limited to a maximum stake of […]

Powerhouse Ventures Selling Kiwi Gambling Venues

Powerhouse Ventures is going under and their funding from Australia-listed Callaghan Innovation is under review. Surprise revelations have revealed that the company is in serious trouble on all fronts. In fact, they’ve been operating fairly illegally in New Zealand. Recently, the company has been selling off its Kiwi gambling venues in hopes of covering debts. […]