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‘Dodgy’ Offshore Gambling Sites are Using New Zealand Domains

Offshore gambling sites might be allowed to take money from Kiwis. But some dodgy offshore websites are taking things too far. According to reports, these sites are using ‘.nz’ to capitalise on our nation’s reputation as a safe gambling destination. It’s no secret that Kiwi gambling is well-regulated and allows international casinos to offer online gaming.

However, the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) claims that some offshore operators are taking things too far. They believe that these offshore websites are run by criminals who allow players little chance of actually winning. Per current regulations, only two gambling products are legally allowed to operate out of New Zealand.

These products, offered by TAB and the National Lottery, are strictly regulated for fairness. Both operators are also expected to give back to the community with proceeds. Of course, this type of openness always attracts less than savoury elements who take advantage.

‘Dodgy’ Offshore Gambling Sites are Using New Zealand Domains

Offshore Casinos Taking Liberties

While investigating the offshore casinos, the DIA found that at least one had been brazenly using our coat of arms on the site. Allegedly, this was done to connect the casino with local gambling laws and the government for credibility. The DIA has contacted the website hosts, asking that they remove the sites. This is the only option available for the moment.

Another website may be operating in New Zealand, which could result in a legal battle. Under local gambling laws, this is illegal for any unapproved operator. After all, Kiwis can only gamble with offshore casinos. However, this is not exactly safe when players are unaware of regulators and what the casinos can do. Rogue operators could hold a valid license but from a regulator that doesn’t do much about illegal practices.

While purchasing a domain does require a legal physical address, the address doesn’t have to be in New Zealand for the purchase to go through. This workaround is pretty easy for illegal operators. So, for safety, avoid all gambling sites with the domain.

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