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Self-Exclusion System Made Compulsory by UKGC

British casino regulator, the UK Gambling Commission has approved a self-exclusion scheme set to be rolled-out nationwide. Under the system, casino gaming websites in Britain are obliged to register with GAMSTOP. GAMSTOP is a free service designed for gamblers to bar themselves from internet casino platforms as means to reduce problem gambling. There will be a harsh penalty for noncompliance, with the risk of losing licenses. This move by the regulator has long been coming, with GAMSTOP officially launched in last year April. Patrons have reserved their praise of the program despite over 50,000 people signing up.

UKGC to Monitor GAMSTOP More Closely

GAMSTOP was intended to combat gambling addiction in Britain but it was not mandatory for cyber casinos to sign up. The UK regulator recognised that the program was heavily flawed in the execution of its intended purpose. The self-exclusion system had a loophole in which patrons could bypass. They voluntarily list themselves to be banned from casino website and yet receive promotional mail from the gambling site. These marketing tools were in contradiction to the regulatory rules. Gambling operators such as LeoVegas and Sky Bet have gotten in trouble for similar cases.

Self-Exclusion System Made Compulsory by UKGC

Casinos in the UK On Board with Self-Exclusion System

UK gambling firms have devoted themselves to the fight of curbing toxic gambling habit of patrons, with approximately 99% of the operators registered with GAMSTOP. The operators that have not signed up are at risk of losing their license to offer gambling products in the UK.

The Labour Party, who avidly advocate for anti-gambling policies, have been at the forefront of the support for stricter measures to be imposed. They pushed for fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) along with the banning on credit cards as an acceptable payment method at a casino.

We remain vigilant of all the measures to protect players at risk. Make sure you stay tuned to Kiwicasino for all of your gambling news in NZ.

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