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Kiwi Animation Agency behind Viral Super Bowl 53 Ad

A New Zealand advertising company, Flux Animation, has found itself embroiled in the Super Bowl hype after a successful ad it did for Dodge Ram trucks. What’s more fascinating than the ad itself is the risk taken by the animation company. Flux centred the commercial on the Los Angeles Rams making it to the Super Bowl. Had the football team had not made it to the final, the ad effort was going to dust – for free. Although it also missed out on a TV spot, the ad went viral and managed to gain over six million views online in a short space of time. Read on for more.

Kiwi Animation Agency behind Viral Super Bowl 53 Ad

Click Here to View Video: Courtesy of NZ Herald

The Super Bowl LIII Ad Concept: Where it All Began

Flux, which was founded in Auckland two decades back, was approached by major US motor group, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to create a Super Bowl 53 ad campaign for their brand, Ram Trucks. The company had to come up with a concept and worked on the project for free for 12 weeks. Joshua Forsman, who’s the executive producer at Flux, said the agency chose to base the ad on the LA Rams. It was a massive gamble and a financial risk that the creative team took, as they would only get paid if the football team made the playoffs. But, that did not stop the animation company from risking it.

“It was all or nothing for us. If the Rams hadn’t made the Super Bowl, this content likely wouldn’t have lived anywhere. But for us to be on a global stage it was a no-brainer,” Forsman said.

Dodge Ram Trucks Super Bowl Ad

The creative Super Bowl 53 Ram trucks ad beautifully depicts a mob of rams storming their way from Los Angeles (the home of LA Rams) to the playoffs in Atlanta in 3D. The high-quality ad features the Ram truck head-on with the mob, and after a moment they (the herd of rams and Rams truck) both make their way to the venue of the 2019 finals.

Originally, the animation studio was only going to go with the ad concept once it was confirmed that the LA Rams had made the playoffs. But that “would have only given [them] five weeks to make the ad” which they knew “wasn’t enough time to get it to a level [they are] happy with,” added Forsman. Flux Animation invested eight full weeks of their resources when they started working on the project in October 2018 – regardless of having to wait for the LA Rams to claim their victory on 24 December.

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