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NFL Week Four Betting Odds

It’s now the fourth week of the regular NFL football season, and it’s still not very clear as to how things are likely to end this season. There has been quite a few upsets within the NFL over the last three weeks.

NFL Week Four Betting Odds

Our sports betting experts at Kiwi Casinos decided to offer NZ gamblers some predictions on a few of the most interesting upcoming matches for week four. We have also provided our much-trusted advice on the top appealing games that are bound to give NZ players excellent returns when they place wagers on them. Read on below for more.

NFL Week Four Prediction

This week it seems it may be very easy to predict the outright winners. However, it might be a little hard for players that want to pinpoint the teams that will win against the spread. With this in mind, we have done an in-depth look at the most interesting upcoming matches in week four and how Kiwis can benefit from it all.

In the second week of the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars were the top-ranked team after a strong win against New England Patriots. However, in week three, both teams lost while Miami Dolphins accumulated a fantastic 3 – 0 record. The Miami Dolphins are now leading and will be playing against the Patriots this week on Sunday.

The Dolphins might just do the best they can to maintain their current leading records as they play against the Patriots. So, New Zealand sports bettors might want to consider that when they are placing their bets.


Week four of the NFL is here, and it sure looks like it going to be a week of action-packed football for fans to enjoy and sports bettors to try their luck. Head onto to our sports betting guide and learn a thing or two before you place that wager!

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