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Western Australia Kicks Cruise Ship Casino Ban

The government of Western Australia has lifted the ban on cruise ship casinos. This was a way for the government to generate more revenue by making Australia a more attractive destination for various cruise companies.

Western Australia Kicks Cruise Ship Casino Ban.

The cruise ships have always been a famous tourist attraction for most people, especially ones from the Asia-Pacific region.  More so, gambling onboard of such cruise ships grew to be an extremely preferred service. However, the long-lasting ban on the endowment of cruise ship casinos prevented Western Australia from capitalising on the developing trend.

Furthermore, the suspension of the ban was part of the Australian government’s strategy to develop the tourism sector of that area, specifically the cruise ship department.

Paul Papalia, the state’s Minister of Racing, Tourism and Gaming, made a comment to the media. He said that the cruise ship has always been a significant part of the tourism sector in Western Australia. He further added that it has been boosting the local economy by millions of dollars on a yearly basis.

Western Australia – Newly Introduced Changes on the Cruise Ships

The new changes allow cruise ships not to shut their casino operations when they are approaching Western Australia waters. They only have to shut the casino operations down when they are within 12 nautical miles from the port.

Nonetheless, the Western Australia government announced that Geraldton and Fremantle cities are going to be upgraded so as to respond to the cruise ship casino demand. More so, more infrastructure matters will be addressed with regards to the recent changes that have been applied to the state’s tourism and casino gambling industry.

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