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Uri Gilboa wins NZ$ 624,000 in EU Poker Tour

Uri Gilboa, the first Israeli to win the European Poker Tour (EPT), took home about NZD $ 62.30 along with making history. He managed to finish first place in EPT Sochi Main Event that happened in Russia. Israel had two players who represented the country and surely had the championship in the bag. Both, Uri Gilboa and Zakhar Babaev were eager to make their country proud but Uri Gilboa beat his fellow component to it.



Uri Gilboa Performs at the EPT Sochi Main Event

The EPT Sochi Main Event attracted over 758 poker players from around the world with the cash-game costing the amount of NZ4435,000. Uri Gilboa and Zakhar Babaev stood out from the players. Before all of this, there were resilient poker players who made it to the finals with the two Israelis and a player from Uruguay. There was even a player from South Africa, and Russians Francisco Benitez, Ivan Ruban, Maksim Pisarenko, Serafim Kovalevsky, Vyacheslav Mizun, and Dmitry Yurasov who seemed to dominate.

Finals at the EPT Sochi Main Event

Dmitry Yurasov was sadly the first player to leave the poker table during the finals and gradually the other players started to follow. Francisco Benitez left the table to take seventh place.  Serafim Kovalevsky followed behind to take the sixth place, and Vyacheslav Mizun had to accept the fifth place. The fourth place was taken by Ivan Ruban and Maksim Pisarenko’s taking third place. Uri Gilboa and Zakhar Babaev went on to wave their country’s flag in a head-to-head battle. The runner up, Zakhar Babaev, gracefully lost to the champion of the event, Uri Gilboa.

The EPT Sochi Main Event turned out to be a great success and poker players all cashed in.

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