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Pokies Tournaments in New Zealand

play in the top pokies tournamentsPokies are some of the popular casino games, and at some online casinos, they host pokies tournaments with prizes for the top players. Some players use the tournaments as a way to boost their earnings at a casino. It is also another good way to enjoy playing pokies games, and the titles that are mostly played are the very same games that would be from the casino games lobby.

What’s great about pokies tournaments is that anyone can take and you can easily choose the tournament that is your liking depending on what is expected and what is up for grabs.

However, before you even get to start playing pokies tournaments, you need first to know how they work, where to sign up to play and some tips on how to play. We have put together this pokies tournament guide to do just that. Continue reading find out all you need to know about pokies tourneys and find the best NZ casino sites to sign up for the tourneys.

Top NZ Casinos to Play Pokies Tournaments

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What are Pokies Tournaments?

Pokies tournaments are competitions that online casinos set up to get players to play against each other while playing slot games. What’s more, the competitions happen in real time with a prize giving to the player who is number one on the leader board with points. While playing, you will be able to monitor your position on the leader board.

There are also different types of pokies tournaments that you can be part of, but some of the variations overlap with each other. Below we have listed the most popular types of pokies tournaments:

  • Freeroll – These kinds of pokies tourneys require no buy-in to take part. At some casinos, they offer them to players who are frequent players as an incentive.
  • Buy-in – To be part of these kinds of pokies tourneys, an entry fee has to be paid. The amount is then added to the pot prize.
  • Sit-and-go – a certain number of players have to sign up to play for the tournament to start. So, you will have to book to take part. Five is the minimum number of players that can take part.
  • Same day – these pokies tourneys are a one-day event where at the end of the day the winner will get their prize. There will be a monitor in the screen that will have a countdown until the game ends.
  • Scheduled – these will have a start and end date
  • Ongoing – These can go over a week or over and they require more commitment. When taking part in this kind of pokies tourney, use strategies to get ahead.

How do Pokies Tournaments Work?

How a pokies tournament works is depended on the online casino that is hosting the event. However, there are basics for all the tourneys.

  • A casino will choose the slot to play for the tournament.
  • The casino will also decide on the prize pool – whether it is from the entry fee or money set aside by the casino.
  • Players will be awarded credits that they will use to play in the tournament. There is also an option to buy more credits.
  • A time limit will be given on how long you play to win and much as you can.
  • In the end, accounts are compared, and the players that are at the top of the leader board share the prize pool. Number one will have the biggest share of the prize
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How to Find the Best Pokies Tournaments

The best option in finding the best casinos to take part in pokies tournaments is to check with the casino you have registered an account with. If they don’t offer any slots tournaments, you have to then check with the leading casinos. Before you sign up, to make sure that the website is fair, safe and regulated. We have listed some of the best casinos in New Zealand above. You can check with these websites to find out if they meet your pokies tournaments requirements.

Pokies Tournaments Tips

Below we have listed some of the tips that you can use when playing in a pokies tournament:

  • Choose to make the maximum bet. You would rather finish your credits to be in the lead than loose with a lot of credits.
  • When you make big bets, your rewards are also big
  • Don’t waste time and spin as many times as you can afford.
  • Play the chosen game for the tournament beforehand especially if you are not familiar with the game.
  • Take part in tournaments that you will be available to give yourself more chances to win.

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Blackjack tournaments deliver one of the best ways that players can spice up their online blackjack play. In a multi-player blackjack tournament online, you are playing against the dealer and against the other bettors in the tournament. For a small entrance fee, you get a chance to win real money prizes and to declare yourself King or Queen of the Blackjack tournament. If you want to jack up the enthusiasm level, play an online blackjack tournament. Tournament play will definitely take you beyond “beat the dealer” to the final quest to beat other blackjack bettors and get crowned the Blackjack Tournament Champion. For more on the blackjack tournaments, strategy and more read on.


Best Blackjack Online Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments come in all sizes and shapes, from small staking competitions to huge, global multiplayer shows. A casino can offer These blackjack tournaments online, even though it can be a bit tricky to find them. Most of the casinos never mention tournaments on their sites, even though they do offer them. These listings are not inclusive, but instead, they cover the best blackjack tournaments. The ones listed here are mostly regular events that take place every week or even every month.  So, you can find a multiplayer blackjack tournament to join. Most of these tournaments are played in the general elimination format. They mostly sit and go event, nonetheless, there are bigger scheduled tournaments that are listed too.

Online Blackjack Tournament Goal

All blackjack tournament players start with the same amount of money. The goal is to beat the other bettor by finishing the tournament with the most money. This is different to your goal in a regular online blackjack game.

How Blackjack Tournament Works?

There are a variety of different types of blackjack tournaments offered. Some have a lot of players, higher registration charges and big prizes, and also multiple rounds of play. Others have few players, lower charges and small prizes, and also a single round of gameplay.

A typical tournament charges $5 entrance fee and three rounds of gameplay. Round 1 starts with 100 gamers divided amongst tables of six or seven players. Each gamer begins with $5,000 in virtual chips, and also eight hands of blackjack are played in the round. After the eighth hand, that’s when the top 50 gamers move to the second round.

Round 2 is played in an alike fashion, except that the players here begin with $7,500 and betting limits are now higher. The inexpensive tension is higher because only the top seven players will go to the next round.

The third and also final round is played by the seven players that have qualified. Every player begins with $10,000. When the game is done, the tournament is now over and prizes are awarded: $50 for first place, $30 for a second, and $25 for the third place.

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Blackjack strategy for tournaments involves two components: to beat the dealer and win the hand. However, you have to also beat the other players in order to win the tournament. To beat the dealer means using the blackjack basic strategy, however, there are situations in a tournament game when you will want to move from the basic strategy.

The Benefits of Online Blackjack Tournament

Playing in blackjack tournament entails almost no risks. If the cards don’t fall your way, and you lose hand after hand of blackjack and you lose your entire $5,000 initial balance, what have you really lost? Keep in mind that $5,000 was virtual and not real. What you lost is your $5 registration fee. Little to lose and great gain, joint with heaps of thrilling blackjack excitement. Those are the aids of playing in blackjack online tournament.

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