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South Africa Tightens their Gambling Act

Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa publicised that they confiscated about R1.25 million (about NZ$ 108,890) in illegal internet gambling winnings.

South Africa tightens their gambling act.

Online casino gambling practices in South Africa should be practised in full compliance with the country’s gambling law, National Gambling Act of 2004. The law states that gambling online is illegal and any winning made through internet gambling will be fortified to the state.

South Africa’s gambling industry is monitored and regulated by the NGB (National Gambling Board). This means that this board is also responsible for dealing with any criminal activities; sanction such matters in an appropriate manner and also report them to other relevant bodies.

South Africa High Court – Final Ruling

As announced, the South African High Court ruled that a couple of individuals forfeit their winnings of about NZD$108,890 because they were obtained in an unlawful manner. The department of trade and industry made a comment on Saturday saying that this case was unprecedented for South Africa.

More so, they further mentioned that online gamblers will not only lose their winnings but will also face prosecution. However, it is now a common practice for some of the internet cafes to offer customers online gambling services as a way of attracting or retaining them. Such services will now be liable to penalties of up to NZD$1,083,600.

The National Gambling Board commented on the High Court’s ruling saying that they are pleased that the judicial system of South Africa is taking this matter seriously. They also appealed to the South Africa citizens that they should avoid illegal gambling online as well as any attempts to advertise them.

Under the Gambling Act of South Africa, Bingo halls, traditional brick and motor casinos, betting and racing are the only legal gambling methods that are permitted. With regards to online gambling, SA players are only allowed to bet on sports through their desktops or mobile phones.

Though most countries globally are taking serious measures to authorise online casino gambling, some countries such as Australia and South Africa are tightening their policies even more.

However, with all being said, we encourage our New Zealand players to gamble responsibly and try not to be found on the wrong side of the law.

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