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Social Casino Games Vs Real Money Casino Games

As we all know, social casino game players are all in for the entertainment when it comes to internet casino gaming. Is there anything that online casinos in New Zealand can do to influence the social casino game players to cross over to the world of real money casino games?

Social Casino Games Vs Real Money Casino Games
The driving factor is mainly entertainment. It’s not always about cashing out huge sums of money when Kiwis are gambling on a social media podium. Ron Aramblulo   has pointed out a few tricks that can assist online casino operators to influence social casino players to switch to real money games.
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Social Games Explained

In his explanations to the media, he mentioned that people often look at their mobile phones approximately 150 times in a day. He says mobile casinos should then take this opportunity seriously as they have a chance to engage with these Kiwi players that are always looking at their phones, playing their desired casino games.

Furthermore, he added that online casinos can either make use of entertainment as a marketing tool for them to them to at least advertise free play casino games for starters. The more exposed players are, the more attracted they will be to the game. As a result, this might actually lead the players to end up visiting the land-based casinos or online casinos to look for the games.

Lastly, Ron Arambulo explained that the only thing that can make a casino game a successful game is its ability to be able to keep players attention. Social games normally have a couple of bonus rounds, so much activity happening on the screens. And also, there’s activity that keeps happening while players are gambling on their favourite social casino game, keeping them more engaged and entertained.


From the information that Ron gave, perhaps what online casino operators should use the same channel as social casino games to keep their players attracted to the game and feel the need to keep playing.

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