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Sky Bet Fined for not Protecting Players

Sky Bet online casino operator has been charged with a fine of NZD$1 200 for not excluding some casino players from being blasted with online casino gambling promotions. This fine will, however, be paid through making donations to charities.

Sky Bet Fined

About 50 000 players had decided to stop gambling online, and so they asked to be removed from the marketing emails. Nonetheless, the players still got text messages, emails and phone calls from the online casino operator.

Sky Bet Fine – Details on the Case

From the 50 000 players that kept receiving promotional messages from Sky Bet, approximately 37 000 players that decided to step away were not refunded any of their balances when they closed their online casino accounts, as required by the law.

Many players are still hoping to get refunded, and Sky Bet has responded to them saying that they are doing all that they can to make sure that all refunds will be done wherever practical.

With the rise in scrutiny on online gambling, any slip-ups can result in a fine. The Director of the UK Gambling Commission, Richard Watson reported to the media that this was such a terrible failure made by Sky Bet and that it’s affected a lot of possibly vulnerable players.

He further added that this fine must serve as a warning to all other online casino operators. Consequentially, Sky Bet has been stepping up to the plate and cleaning up its mess. The online casino operator has been greatly cooperating with the investigations of the incident.


The CEO of the company, Richard Flint gave a statement to the media that they have always taken player protection as well as responsible gambling seriously. However, to them, this incident was a wakeup call, meaning that they needed to do more. He gave his word that they are in the process of improving their services and gave a guarantee to the Gambling Commission that this will not happen again.

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