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What You Need To Know About the Paroli Betting Strategy

The Paroli online casino betting system has managed to make a good reputation for itself compared to all the other known craps betting systems available. Online casino players won’t struggle to understand the Paroli system if they already know about the Martingale betting strategy and what it’s based on.

Paroli Betting System.

The moment one learns the Paroli craps betting system, they will soon realize that it’s too different from Martingale and it’s just the opposite reflection of it.

The Objectives

The aim of this betting system is known to meet many players’ requirements. It’s more like a panacea in online craps. The betting system is famous for reducing the players’ losses in the event of any bad luck they may encounter. More so, Paroli will also increase the player’s profits on the day that Lady Luck is on the player’s side.

How the Paroli Betting System Works

With Paroli, the players are advised to double their bet sizes every time their previous bet wins. This is the total opposite of what the Martingale betting system says. Martingale says that the player must increase their bet size after every loss.

There is no set amount to wager with. However, players are advised to take into consideration that once they win on any round, the amount they wagered with will be doubled in the following round. If the player keeps on losing, they have to continue betting with their initial bet size until they finally win.

So we advise players to select their initial bet size with care and make sure that it’s within their budget in the event that they have to double the initial bet size after a win.

If a player chooses to use the Paroli betting system, they must always work with even money wagers (1:1 payouts). As we previously mentioned, if a player is using this betting strategy for the first time, they are advised to start their initial bet with a small amount. It is very important that with the Paroli betting system, a player must stick to their bankroll from the money they start wagering in real money.


There are various online casino betting systems available, and Paroli is one of the most popular ones. However, it’s important to know that betting strategies do not always guarantee a win.

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