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Japan Official Plans to Add Facial Recognition at Casinos

The government in Japan is taking strides in making sure that they curb the rise of problem gambling in the country. There are plans of introducing facial recognition technology to be used at casinos and racetracks around the republic. This application is designed to keep track of players while gambling and prevent problem gamblers from being able to place bets at gambling venues, including the integrated resorts in Japan. The facial recognition technology is the first of a larger plan to rid the country of the scourge of gambling addiction. Find out more about the plans by the Japanese government.

Japan Facial Recognition Technology Due in 2020

Problem Gambling in Japan

The Japanese government has been monitoring the rise of problem gambling for a while now. In the process, it has put forth several attempts to address it. The has been systematic attempts to track the spending on gambling online. As of next year, players will be hit with a limit on the amount that they spend on racing tickets. Also, third-party exclusion is set to be introduced at pachinko parlours where a family member can request that their loved one be barred from entering a casino establishment.

Facial Recognition Technology Due in 2020

The proposed introduction of the new technology is projected to be implemented before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The facial recognition systems will form part of a greater plan to discourage the gamblers from addiction to gambling. In addition to the technology, ATMs will be removed from horserace tracks, pachinko parlours, and other racing venues. This legislation is intended to limit bettors to a specific bankroll.

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