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Italy Sets Online Gambling Record

The regulated online casino gambling market in Italy started off their year on the right foot. Their market has been reporting with double figures for the sports betting total revenue as well as setting a new casino gambling record.

Italy Sets Online Gambling Record

Arimeg, the Italian gaming News Agency recently reported figures of both the online casino gambling industry and the land-based industry that increased by 15,5% and amounted to NZD$150, 5 million at the end of January 2018. Consequently, of that total, 27, 5% was the online casino gambling section, which was NZ$60, 8 million. This however outpaced the retail’s online betting growth of 8.7%.

Details on Italy Online Gambling Record

One of the top online casinos in Italy managed to set a whole new record of NZD$59, 7 million. This was a 30, 4% increase compared to the same period, last year. In addition, Local boys – Lottomatica was also one of the top casinos although the casino’s 7.3% increase was slightly above PokerStars, which was sitting at 9, 1%. To round of the top 5, Sisal was seated at an 8.33% increase in revenue, Eurobet at 7, 23% and Bwin at 5.91%.

However, the Italian online porker market had been having a bad month instead. Its tournaments revenue income fell by 1.1% while the cash casino games went down by 9.4%. However, PokerStars managed to maintain its dominance as previously stated.

On a different note, the regulated online casino gambling industry in Italy welcomed its latest addition, 888 Holdings. The online casino was ranking on position 8 with online casino cash games because of a 3, 16% share market.


In a nutshell, the realm of online casino gambling has been significantly growing across the globe. There has been quite a lot of online casinos that joined the Kiwi casino gambling industry. At Kiwi Casinos, we feature the top online casinos available for New Zealanders.

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