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Is Video Poker Better than Slots

Many players are always wondering, ‘Is Video Poker better than slots?’ Well, there’s no definite answer to this. Video poker games are completely different from slot games. For the most part, both the video poker machine and the slot machine attract many other types of bettors – gamblers who play the game for various reasons.

For instance, let us try to compare playing games on the machine to traveling in your car across the country. In this case, video poker gamblers are the ones who’d really prefer to drive. Yet, on the other hand, slot machine gamblers would rather have someone else drive. So, read on below and learn more about the two games as we make a comparison of which is better than the other.

Is Video Poker Better than Slots

Is Video Poker Better than Slots -The Differences

Our expert team of gamblers has compiled the top 4 differences between slot and video poker, and these are:

  • Video Poker comes with may strategies compared to slots: One major difference between the two casino games is that video poker has more strategies that gamblers can use to increase their chances of winning. With slot machines, the best strategy involves playing a game with higher paybacks and bankroll management. Once a player accomplishes this, there’s nothing else that a player can do other than hitting the reel-spinning button.
  • Slots have bigger and better Jackpots: Slot games are quite known for providing players with jackpot games that can give out millions of dollars. Of course, only a number of slot games offer jackpots with such massive potential payouts. However, the point is gamblers can make quite a fortune when playing slots as compared to video poker games.
  • Video Poker Games have a higher payback: Though video poker games won’t give you the chance to become instantly rich, they do have higher paybacks compared to slot machine games. Here’s some of the high paying video poker games: Full pay Joker Poker – 100.6% payback, Full pay Deuces Wild – 100.7% payback, and 10/7 Double Bonus – 100.2% payback.
  • Slot games are More Relaxing: In our guide earlier, we discussed how video poker has a lot of strategies to use, compared to slot machine games. However, on the other side of the coin slots are much more relaxing for gamblers who don’t care much about higher returns.


The comparison doesn’t necessarily prove which game is better than the other. Instead, they assist in highlighting the major points you can consider when choosing which game to play at a casino. Lastly, it’s also important to know that nothing stops you from juggling your play between the two. We actually recommend this as it’s a fun way for gamblers to enjoy a wide range of games.

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