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How to play Blackjack

How to play blackjack has been made very easy for you by us at Kiwi Casinos. How to play blackjack in New ZealandBlackjack is an online casino game in New Zealand that is also known as the 21 card game. It forms part of the widely played online casino games globally, especially in New Zealand. The casino game is played by comparing cards between players and dealers. This means that players do not compete against other players but the dealer. To add on, the game is played using one or more decks of 52 cards. Hence the aim or the objective of the game is to make sure that the players beat the dealer in any of the following ways:

  • Getting 21 points on their first two cards, commonly known as a natural or blackjack.
  • Reaching a final score that is higher than the dealer’s, without surpassing 21.
  • Lastly by allowing the dealer to draw more or additional cards.

New to Blackjack? Not to worry, we are here to guide you every step on how you can gradually become a pro in online Blackjack. Read on and learn about the upcoming four steps.

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How to play Blackjack|Step 1

First, before anything else, New Zealand players must learn the value of cards. In this game, every card has a value that is constant all the way through the entire game. As we previously mentioned, the aim is to beat the dealer, and at the same time trying not to come up with a value that is more than 22. Here are the values of cards in Blackjack:

  • Face cards – 10 is the value of face cards.
  • Number cards – The number on the card will be the value of the card.
  • Ace – It’s either 11 or 1. However, it is mostly counted as an 11. Therefore an Ace and a ten will make 21, resulting in a Natural / Blackjack win.

Step 1 on How to play BlackJack in New Zealand

Step 2

After knowing the value of cards, Kiwi players need to learn and master their choices. A player has two choices when their turn comes. They can either Hit or Stand. Hit is when the player gets another card so that they can hit until they are over 21. Stand is when a casino player chooses not to do anything and keep the cards they currently have. This means that the player doesn’t receive more cards.

Here are a couple of more possibilities that a player can use for specific hands:

  • Surrender – In some of the online casinos, players have a choice to choose if they want to give up half of their own bet without even playing. This is when players opt out part of their bets right before the casino dealer looks for a Blackjack. However, surrender is mostly convenient when a dealer has 9A, and the casino player has 5-7 or even a 6-12.
  • Taking Insurance – This is relevant when the dealer has shown an Ace. New Zealand players make a bet that pays at 2-1 in the event that the dealer has a blackjack. The player will lose the bet but will also win insurance, thereby resulting in a tie.
  • Split – This is when the player makes two hands from one, that’s if the cards are of the same value. Kings, Queens, 10s and Jacks are normally counted as 10. If the two hands win, the player or the dealer will also receive double the amount. A break even will occur if only one of the hands win. If both of the hands lose, it means the dealer or the player will also lose double the amount of the money. We advise that you split or separate the cards, then place a duplicate bet.
  • Double Down – This is when you double up your bet, and they receive only one extra card. This is mostly used when the player’s first two cards are equal to 8-11.

Playing Blackjack in New Zealand

Step 3

After all, has been said and done, on this stage, the player must start winning the game. For the New Zealand players to win, they have at least closer to 21 as compared to the dealer. If the player is above 21, they will be ‘busted’ meaning they will lose. In the event that it’s a draw or a tie, it will be referred to as a push, meaning that the neither wins, the house nor the player. It’s important to know that a Blackjack is when the player has a 10, Ace and a face card as their starting cards.

Blackjack is quite an easy game that is totally captivating. Learn more about online blackjack here.

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