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Hot as Hades Review

Adventure games are the most popular online games that can easily be enjoyed by anyone.  There are plenty such games in the market and it is difficult to differentiate one from the other.  Hot as Hades is the latest new adventure game on the market.

Hot as Hades Online Slot for NZ Players.

Gamers will surely spend hours on this exciting journey that Hades takes to Mount Olympus with his accomplice Cerberus.  These two characters embark on an adventure full of challenging surprises. Keeping an eye out will definitely save you along the game and give much-needed opportunities.

The game begins on an easy level that easily locks you in and builds confidence to keep going. From the onset, you are presented with plenty thrilling opportunities.

The free boosters that the casino game presents are much-needed as the game escalates to more challenging stages. The super mode free spins feature is the best of them all due to the random times this booster is triggered.

An exciting feature to look forward to is Hades uncovering the Crystal Helm. To successfully do this, he must first get through Medusa, Poseidon and the great Zeus. More so, the Quest for the Crystal Helm offers the most generous winnings, up to 100 000 coins! Being mindful of the three scatter symbols that trigger the quest is highly recommended.

Hot as Hades Game Review.

Hot as Hades Overview

What is very exciting about this game is that it truly feels like a mini-film laced with exciting 3D graphics and awesome animations. Microgaming is evolving and this game is setting the bar in game creation, Hade’s journey keeps a gamer engaged and this is the main purpose.

The soundtrack of the game captivates a gamer’s imagination, you are wholly hooked by the experience of this game.

Hot as Hades is doubtlessly a game for adventure-seekers and coin collectors. Concentration is a must if you want to successfully complete the five levels and come out with an overall win.

This online game is not at all complicated to play, it’s very entertaining and super impressive. We highly recommend gamers in New Zealand to give this one a try.



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