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Flip Card Scratch Card in New Zealand

Flip Card Scratch Card is a variation of the online casino scratch card games available to players in New Zealand. This version of casino scratch cards will thrill Kiwi players while it rewards them generously. Flip Card Scratch Card is an interesting cross between a scratch card game and a table game. New Zealand players can only trust Microgaming to create such a combination and make it work. Read on and learn more about this online casino game below.

flip card scratch card.

Flip Card Scratch Card – Game Features

The casino game featured top-notch casino gaming that seamless. The graphics in the game will make Kiwis feel like they are gambling in a land-based casino. Flip Card Scratch Card is one of the instant win casino games that are in a league of its own.

Game Play

Flip Card Scratch Card is played on a table, just like many other online casino table games. However, the game doesn’t have a 52 card like most card games. More so, the cards in this game have markings on them that display the multiplier that they carry. Examples of the multipliers are 1x, 10x, 2x, 50x and 20x.

When the game starts, the house deals six cards that will be faced down. The NZ player will have to flip them over and reveal the multipliers available on the cards. The name of the game is derived from this stage. However, the player must match three multipliers to win the game. Thereafter, the multiplier will be multiplied by the player’s initial bet. The minimum bet that can be placed on this car game is NZ$2, and the maximum is NZ$100.


Flip Card Scratch Card is an easy going online casino card game that both novice and seasoned players can place bets on. It is one of the popular instant win online casino games available to players in New Zealand. Registrar at any of the top New Zealand online casinos we feature on our site and stand a chance to win huge today!

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