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FanDuel Founders Introduce New Social Streaming Platform

The previous CEO of FanDuel, a daily fantasy sporting operator, has just given the media details on his latest eSports endeavour.  This means that this week has witnessed an emergence of Flick, a company that is based in Edinburgh and is backed up by the co-founders of FanDuel, Rob Jones and Nigel Eccles.

FanDuel Owners

FanDuel – Details of the new project

This new company’s goal is to challenge the mainstays of live streaming such as Twitch by giving online casino players ‘a whole new tactic of sharing their online gambling experience with other gamers’.

However, according to one of the co-founders, Nigel Eccles, the new social streaming podium is not much of a glam at the moment. But regardless of that, the company will be moving at a faster pace on their concepts as well as working with online gamers to enhance ideas that will work best for them.

Job Jones reported to the media explaining how successful FanDuel is. He further mentioned that this success is also because he and Nigel Eccles work very well together and that they have the necessary capacity to create a globally successful business in Scotland. More so, Flick might be leaving the realm of video gaming in Scotland to make way for the new gaming venture.

Flick might be hiring six additional top engineers. They might be interested in eSports, gaming and videos, can withstand difficult technical challenges, and are good team players.  Nigel Eccles stepped down from being a CEO at FanDuel in November last year. The reason for his resignation was to focus more on his next move, which according to him is creating something amazing in the world of eSports.


Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones are both the providers of Flick’s funding. However, Rob mentioned to the media that the company is looking forward to raising a couple of millions through a financing round. Nigel, on the other hand, plans to still be based in the USA, meaning only Rob will be the one in charge of building Flick’s team straight from the ground.

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