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EGT Interactive Expands Its Market

One of the best online casino operators, EGT Interactive, reported to the media that they expanded their gambling market in January 2018. They established two partnerships by further operating in Romania and in Croatia.

EGT Interactive

These two partnerships were made possible as a result of the online casino operator’s strategic collaboration with Hattrick Sports Group. This company offers various channel operation in about seven countries across the European continent. It has Fortuna Entertainment as its parent company and operates on a large scale. More so, it’s a technology provider for a different suite of online gaming products like slots, sports betting, real-time gambling and much more.

EGT Interactive – Gaming Success

The leading online casino software provider EGT managed to acquire the famous PSK six years ago, in 2012. PSK is based in Zagreb, and it was launched in 1998. Until this day, it stands to be one of the top owners of the sports gambling shops in Croatia and almost 250 other locations throughout the whole of Eastern Europe.

Elena Naumova, the sales director for EGT, reported to the media that these partnerships are a significant step in the right direction for the company. They will not just expand their presence in the gambling market but is more of a sin that they are on the right path when it comes to delivering outstanding gambling experience. She added that even more and more gamblers are looking for their products. This a good sign that the company has been doing well in the realm of online casino gaming.


In the interim, Casa Pariurilor, one of their recent partners in Romania, is apparently said to be one of the premier online sports betting websites, with a total of about 100 000 registered online casino players. EGT Interactive also launched two new titles just recently – Buring Hot and Dragon Hot.

The online casino operator has been doing quite well in the gambling industry, and they continue to deliver exceptional gambling experience to players all over the world.

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