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David Bazak Advises Online Casinos

Some online casino operators prefer putting all their investment eggs in one basket. By this, we mean that most online casinos put all their investment in the gray industry because of the easier fruitful results. On the other side of the coin, other online casinos go all-out, investing in the regulated industry as a result of its stability. David Bazak gives his views. Read on and learn more about this interesting topic.

David Bazak Advises Online Casino Operators.

David Bazak –  Advice

The Managing Director of 10Bet, David Bazak commented to the media recently with regards to this matter. He said that the wisest thing for online casinos is not to concentrate too much on one market because they might lose everything. In addition, he said that as much as it is a no-no to only focus on the gray market, it is also costly to concentrate on the regulated market only. The gray market frequently results in more profit but does not guarantee any sustainability of the net revenue in the future.

Furthermore, David Bazar explained that when he joined the online casino gambling industry eight years back, there wasn’t much regulation in marketing and technology. He said back then; online casino marketing was a profitable business as it only required a couple of clicks to retain a bigger market share. Contrary to this, regulations that are being imposed by governments are resulting in a very competitive environment. This makes it difficult for online casinos to make huge profits as compared to eight years back or so.


David Bazak says that responsible gaming, gambling laws and compliances now have a significant impact on how online casinos operate. And so advice to internet casino gamblers is to always be on the look-out for competition. Most importantly, not to put all their energy and efforts into a single casino gambling market.

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