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Casino hacked through IoT Thermometer

The IoT (Internet of Things) has grabbed the world by its horns! Not only can people request the car to start itself or order some take-out, its technological advances now permit for improved control systems at power plants, hotels as well as casinos.

Casino hacked through IoT Thermometer

The unfortunate thing is that all this easily gives hackers a huge chance to access a lot of private information and this has already increased high-profile thefts. Read on and learn more about this interesting story below.

Details on the IoT Hacks

A cyber security company a few kilometres from the UK – Darktrace has been responsible for keeping track when it comes to hacking activities. The company recently issued out a report to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) council that is held in London.  The CEO of the company, Nicole Eagan mentioned that there are a lot of IoT devices such as refrigeration systems, thermostats, air conditioning systems and much more. All these devices play a part in expanding the chances of being hacked.

One of the top hacking operations that made use of the IoT was done at an identified land-based casino. The hackers managed to gain access to the list of all the high roller players via a thermometer that that is installed in the casino’s lobby. The hackers quickly made use of the thermostat to get a grip on the network first. Thereafter, they located the high roller’s list, pulled it back through the thermostat and straight to their cloud.

Robert Hannigan was also part of the WSJ. He played a very significant role in ‘Think James Bond’ and ‘007’ from 2014 right up to 2017. He also supported Nicole Eagan’s concern that the IoT is becoming a serious matter. He mentioned that the IoT is still producing and is yet to create more and more devices and is going to be a huge issue for different companies. He gave an example of a bank that was once robbed through its CCTV, a device so small yet did a lot of tasks that many do not know about.


Technological advancements are essential as they are so convenient and make life a whole lot easier. However, with such matters arising, improved safety and caution levels need to be implemented for better security.

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