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Casino Gambling Spend Rises in New Zealand

Casino Gambling in New Zealand has been experiencing rapid growth regarding visitor spending. More so, tourism statistics have been reaching high records of late and the economy being in an excellent condition is also an added advantage.

Local Casinos in NZ.

A 2.6% increase has been reported by the International Affairs concerning casino gambling spend. In addition, this is after all the inflation and population changes are set aside.

As a result, the flourishing tourism sector has influenced the casino spending to be up by 11.1% together with high-income rates and upgrades in casino machines.  However, the Casino Gambling industry of New Zealand may consider the increase as good but on the contrary, the Problem Gambling Foundation disagrees.

To them, this is not good news. Their spokeswoman, Andre Froude commented that the amount spent is too high although the spending level on Pokie games is stable. She also added that gamblers lose 40% of their money

Most of the money is spent on online lotto tickets and TAB bets. More so, there was an increase of 5.3% in the year to June as New Zealand casino gamblers were offered various betting options. As a result of the Big Wednesday promo, lottery also increased by 4%.

On average, Kiwi casino gamers spend at least NZ$616 per annum on gambling. NZ$95 is spent on casino betting per year, and about NZ$122 is spent on Lotto tickets.

Spending on casino gambling may increase in the months or even in the years too because of the many options that NZ gamblers have.

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