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Camelot Online Lottery Accounts Hacked

Camelot – the national lottery operator from the UK has been urging online casino players to change their login details after a security breach.

Camelot Online Lottery Accounts Hacked

Camelot reported to the media and its players that its online security systems detected some foul activity on some of their online casino players’ lottery accounts. However, the online lottery operator has already notified the police, the IFO (Information Commissioner Office) as well as other respective authorities about this breach.

Camelot Gives Details on the Situation

Camelot assured its online casino players that the breach only affected a small portion of the online lottery accounts. This means that not all the accounts were hacked into.  In addition to this, Camelot gave a rough estimation of about 150 accounts out of a total of 10.5 million accounts that were subject to unauthorised logins.

The lottery operator has given its word to the internet casino players that they are taking all the necessary steps they can to gain an understanding of what really happened. More so, they suspended all the accounts that were affected and are currently working with the online casino players to have their accounts reactivated soon. Camelot keeps urging all online lottery players to take extra caution and change their login details even if they weren’t affected by this misdemeanour.

The spokesperson for the National Lottery reported to the media that they believe the perpetrators might have used a list of authorisations and then just bombarded various sites with some new usernames and passwords to see which ones will match.

However, the online casino lottery company has dealt with such a situation before. In 2016, a much broader intrusion had about 26 500 online lottery accounts hacked.


Online casino gambling comes with its pros and cons, and in this article, we have talked about one of the disadvantages of gambling online. Like what Camelot said we at Kiwi Casinos urge all online lottery players to change their login details for safety reasons.

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