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Counting Cards for New Zealand Players

Counting cards is a strategy that many gamblers use when they are playing blackjack. It helps identify whether the next hand that is dealt will give a feasible advantage either to the dealer or player. This strategy is mostly used in an attempt to beat the house and can be used together with the basic blackjack strategy.

When you think about counting cards, it does not only mean all you need to know is math. It is just one of the things that you need to know as a card counter. With card counting, you will make large bets on the hands that have a feasible advantage to have a good payout when you win. Read on to find out more about this blackjack strategy.

NZ counting cards

Counting Cards in Blackjack

There are three steps in counting cards. When you know how to follow the steps and use the strategy correctly, you will sure come out as a winner. See the steps below:

  1. Allocate a value to each card – you will use the Hi-Lo counting system where you will add one to the numbers two until six, with ten, J, Q, K and the ace subtract one and seven to nine is zero.
  2. Keep a running count – with each card dealt you will either subtract one or add one. You can also choose to not do anything depending on the card value.
  3. Change your bet according to the running count – when you are keeping a running count, you will be able to identify when the house edge is in your favour. In that way, you will be able to know whether to make a small or large bet.

Is it Illegal to Card Count?

It is not illegal to use the card counting strategy. Casinos do not like this strategy because it helps give players the advantage. However, do make sure that the casino does not catch your counting cards because they will blacklist you from coming to their casino. You will see with payers who are popular for card counting. They hardly find a place where they can play blackjack.

Is Counting Cards Applicable to Online Blackjack?

To be able to use the counting cards strategy effectively the casino needs to have rules that give it a small house edge. At online casinos, the rules are poor which makes it a terrible place to use card counting. However, there are card simulations online can teach you how to card count but for online there are fewer chances of being able to use the strategy effectively.

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