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Are Live Casinos Rigged?

Are Live Casinos Rigged? Well, live casinos are possibly the hardest to rig since everything happens on site. However, the live casino games are only handled by the dealer, which is why some players might raise their eyebrows with suspicion. But, it’s also important that with live casinos, you can see everything in plain sight.

are live casinos rigged

This means players get to see the dealer’s every movement, making it easier for them to spot any possible foul play. In response to the question on hand, rigging live casino games can be possible, but it’s also nearly impossible because of casinos’ nature.

Also, the casinos might not even want to take that chance to risk their reputation like that. With that being said, we’ll further have a look at how live casinos function and how live dealer games are played.

How Live Casinos Work

As you might already know, live casinos offer players various games to play in real-time, for real money, with live dealers. The action takes place at a local casino. However, if you are playing live dealer casino games from the comfort of your home, the footage will also be live-streamed to you.

With online live casinos, all the physical movements made by the dealer are then translated into a machine-encoded script that the casino software company, e.g., Playtech or Microgaming, then uses through what is known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition). OCR makes it possible for the player at home to view the game and all the movements as they would at a local casino.

Playing Live Dealer Casino Games

For one to enjoy any of the all-time favorite live dealer table games online, the first step they need to do is to log into their casino account. From there, navigate your way all to the ‘Live Casino’ section; at some casino sites, it’s located under the ‘Main games’ tab.

Live Casinos NZ

Once you can locate it, you can proceed and choose the game you want to play. For you to access the live-steaming services, you need to have an active account. If you don’t, you will also be asked to create one at that same stage. All that’ll be left will be for you to deposit money into your casino account and then make a request to play the game.

Depending on the type of game you’ll be playing using the game console, you’ll have to connect to your desktop. And, if you happen to have any questions, you can easily ask the dealer through the live-chat section.

Play at Live Casinos NZ & Win Real Money

So, now that you know it’s safe to gamble at live casinos in New Zealand, please feel free to visit any of the live dealer games available at the best online casinos NZ featured on our site. You may never know; the odds might be in your favor!

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