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Acquisition of World Casino Directory

Internet Gaming affiliate, Latest Casino Bonuses expands its business via the acquirement of the World Casino Directory

World Casino Directory.

World Casino Directory was established in 2002. Its primary aim has been to provide comprehensive and relevant information on all land-based casinos worldwide. More so, the site features information and news on all the upcoming local casinos, online casinos, to mention a few. Not forgetting the News section that covers all the latest stories in the realm of international casino gaming.

What is Latest Casino Bonuses?

Latest Casino Bonuses was formed in 2006. Also, it’s the first iGaming affiliate site that has just been rapidly growing.


Local Casino Bonus parted ways with NZ$2.5 million in the acquisition of the World Casino Directory. The founder of Latest Casino Bonuses, Joshua Chan commented on this deal by saying that the deal was only locked up a couple of weeks after negotiating with the former C.E.O of World Casino Directory, Bernard Richter. In addition, Mr Richter wanted confirmation that the employees will still keep their jobs and that the initial concept of the website will not go through any drastic changes as well.

World Casino news is not the first deal that Latest Casino Bonuses sealed smoothly. In September 2014, they made an acquisition of the Wizards of Odds. They bought the company and all its assets at a total cost of NZ$3.37 million. At that time, this arrangement made headlines as a result of being part of the largest-scale ones.

To add on, its publicity was boosted by the fact that Wizards of Odds had its status as one of the veterans in the Casino gaming industry.

Rest assured New Zealanders, The change in the leader of World Casino Directory will not restrict you from getting the latest news in the realm of both, online and land-based casino gambling.


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