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Experts against the Legalization of Sports betting in The US

The decision made by the Supreme Court of the US, to allow states to legalise sports betting has been causing a lot of havoc in the country.

US sports betting sector legalised.

Both online casino sports bettors and sports books are so happy with the highest court’s ruling. However, quite a couple of anti-gambling campaigners and problem gambling companies have warned that this has changed the casino gambling market of the US but sadly, not in favour of the players. Read on and learn more about this interesting story below.

The Legalization of the US Sports Betting Sector

A large number of organisations have been raising a red flag about the disadvantages associated with the US’ Supreme Court decision. Experts seem to believe that legalising online sports betting will definitely have harmful effects on online casino players’ lives.

According to best gambling experts, the number of players addicted to gambling will increase as soon as this low becomes effective. Some even emphasised on this matter saying that from the problem gambling will quickly spread through the whole nation like an epidemic disease. According to the current statistics, the number of casino gambling addicts in the US range in-between 3 and 5 million. This number is, however, expected to increase.

Before the legalisation of the state lottery, about 31 % of the American gamblers confessed that they had been gambling illegally. A survey was carried at that time, and approximately 81% of the players took part in the lottery drawings. With sports betting, a current survey that was carried out by the AGA (American Gambling Association) showed that 28 million gamblers are expected to take advantage of the legalisation of the new law.


The US Supreme Court ruled in favour of sports betting. The cote voted 6 to 3 to terminate the professional and amateur sports protection act of 1992. This law restricted the US stated from adding sports betting to their online casino gambling markets.

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