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Turkey Online Gaming Sector Breaks Export Volume

The Turkish online casino gambling market is still focused on enhancing its export volume to at least NZD$1 billion for 2018. The export volume for online casino game developers in Turkey increased by 40% last year compared to 2016. This resulted in the international online gaming market making roughly NZ$700 million in revenue.

Turkey Online Gaming Sector Breaks Export Volume.

As of now, Turkey’s goal is to increase their volume to at least $1 billion this year. On that note, Nihat Zeybekci, the Economy Minister of Turkey reported to the media that casino game developers in Turkey have been able to attract international players because of the high-end games they create.  Read on below and learn more about why the Turkish gambling industry has been making huge waves of late.

Details on the Online Gambling Industry in Turkey

The country’s Economy Minister also mentioned that their gambling sector has been quite thriving of late, with some of the latest and exciting casino games created, making a big difference in the overseas gambling markets.

The TOGED (Game developer association of Turkey) provided rough estimates as to which gambling sector’s exports revenue was an increase of 25% in 2016, compared to the previous year. This was an NZD$500 million increase. Lastly, Minister Zeybekci reported that the casino game developers are sticking to their target of reaching the gambling export revenue in between the range of NZ$2.5 billion and NZ$10 billion by 2023.

Regardless of the gambling sector managing to maintain a steady pace towards reaching its target, Mr Erkin, the Chairman of TOGED stressed a point that the gaming sector in Turkey has also been receiving support from significant institutions in the country, especially the Ministry of Economy.


According to the information that Mr Erkin provided, more than 90% of sales are made overseas. He emphasised that the gambling sector remains one of the top priorities, and is also part of the important targets set in the country.

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