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The Gathering to Join eSports

Wizards of the Coast has recently reported to the media that they will be developing a new eSports betting game, in partnership with Hasbro Incorporated – The Gathering. The game will be launched sometime in March 2019. Now Kiwis, can you imagine receiving NZ$75 000 contract to stream and play The Gathering? Well, things might soon be a reality in 2019.

During The Game Awards on 6 December 2018, there was an announcement made that a new eSports initiative will be happening in 2019, which will offer a combined prize pool of NZD$10 million. This event will also come with a unique competitive league that will result in an invitational NZ$1 million tournament that will be taking place at the PAX East expo.

The Gathering to join eSports

Details on The Gathering

This new eSports initiative is meant to attract more fans to Magic: The Gathering. The MPL or The Magic-League won’t only impress with 32 best players worldwide at The Gathering but will offer amazing contracts to streamers and players alike.

New Zealand League players can look forward to the weekly digital match-ups to bet on and will eventually place wagers in the Mythic Championship events as well. This will build up great opportunities for sports betting fanatics in NZ since the sports betting market will now be providing more gateways for players to win in 2019.

In a recent statement, the President of Wizards of the Coast – Chris Cocks explained that it’s been a crucial moment for them as they have just made a public announcement to the whole world about The Gathering and have added to their tournament structure with a whopping NZ$10 million prize pool so as to make it as attractive as possible.


eSports betting has already been making huge waves in the realm of online gambling, and there is no denying that The Gathering will also take the world by storm while expanding into the ever-growing industry.

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