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Tennis Betting New Zealand

Tennis betting has spiced up the life of sports bettors in New Zealand. Now they can have fun times by betting while they are watching and enjoying the match.

Tennis betting has been a popular past time event for quite a while now. However, in 2011 everything got extremely interesting. The all-time favourite tennis players got banned from playing, forever. Corruption in this sports game has always been an issue for quite some time.

When the former World champion, Daniel Koellerer tried to fix matches, he got banned for a lifetime. Still, such incidents did not discourage most kiwi gamblers that still receive a kick out of wager in their desired sports game.

Tennis Betting in New Zealand

Tennis Betting: Why Bet On This Game?

Most Kiwi gamblers might have made tennis bet on major tournaments such as The French Open and US Open.

But still, it would be a shock to most players in New Zealand when they get to know that tennis is a sporting game that runs from January to December, all year round.

This is the reason why many players love betting on Tennis; it is an all year round sport where gamblers stand a chance to win big.

More so, another reason is that it comes with a wide variety of betting options. Other than placing their bets on the winner, NZ players can bet on the game line and several various props. Other types of sports betting include golf betting, horse betting and much more, but nothing beats betting in the tennis courts!

NZ Tennis Betting Rules

There are four primary rules in New Zealand Tennis betting, and these are:

  1. Ball Served- Only one serve is required per single match.
  2. 1 Set Completed: For the bet to stand, one set has to be complete.
  3. 2 sets completed: Like the above rule, for the bet to stand, 1 set have to be completed.
  4. Match Completed: The whole match must be completed to the bets to stand.

Famous Tennis Players

AthleteGrand Slam WAgeP.O.B
Rafael Nadal1428Spain
Roger Federer1733Switzerland
Serena Williams1926US
Maria Sharapova527Russia
Venus Williams734US
Andy Murray227UK

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