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Online Soccer Betting New Zealand

Online Soccer Betting is when New Zealand players predict soccer results and place a wager on the expected outcome. To briefly explain the game, it is played by two different teams that comprise of 11 players in each team. This is an activity that is significantly becoming a norm in modern day society. Soccer is growing into one of the top online sporting games that casino players primarily bet on. Read on and learn more about how online soccer betting has been smoothly paving its way into the realm of online casino gaming.

Online Soccer betting in New Zealand

Soccer Betting | Background

In the 14th century BCE, ancient Greece was documented to have hosted the earliest soccer game. More so, around 228 AD, Rome came to the table with its own version. After that, as time went by, soccer became a game that most young men would enjoy to play for pleasure. This went on untill it became a profession that was and still is internationally recognized.  By the 20th century, soccer was already being played in more than 200 countries and by approximately more than 250 million players. It has grown to become so popular and is worth about NZ$837 billion.

Online Soccer Betting in NZ

Online Soccer Betting Rules

  • The match markets can only be resolved when the entire 90-minute soccer game is played.
  • Gamblers can only determine their winnings after the extra time (overtime in play).
  • Bets are to be voided if the soccer games don’t happen on the expected dates.

On Soccer Betting for New Zealand players

Strategies on Online Soccer Betting

  • New Zealand players must firstly decide on the total sum of money that they want to bet.
  • Before placing any bets, always revise and go over the betting categories.
  • Pick a bookmarker.
  • Select the League.
  • Lastly, place the stakes you have.

Online Soccer Betting for gamblers in New Zealand

Some of the Major leagues that New Zealand gamblers can bet on:

Barclays English Premier League

The premier league is mostly known as the English professional league that caters for men’s soccer association clubs. Right at the top of the English soccer league, is the country’s (England) first soccer competition.  The premier league functions on a structure of promotion and relegation with the EFL (English Football League).

Barclays English Premier League, Online soccer betting in New Zealand

UEFA Champions League

It is normally referred to as the Champions League. It is a yearly continental soccer competition in Europe that is organised and planned by UEFA – Union of European Football Association.

UEFA Champions Legue, online soccer gambling for players in New Zealand

FA Cup

Fully known as the Football Association Challenge Cup, this is a soccer league that has its roots in the United Kingdom.  In all of English football or soccer, FA Cup stands to be the eldest soccer competition worldwide, with their very first competition being held in the year 1871.

FA Cup, online soccer betting in New Zealand

Top online Soccer betting terminology

  • Correct Score – Betting on the prediction of the game’s final score.
  • Double Chance – Betting on a team to either draw or win
  • Match Result – Betting on a draw, home win or away win.
  • Scorecast – Betting on first soccer player to score.
  • Half Time or Full Time – Betting so as to determine the scores at half time or full time.
  • Time of First goal – Betting on the time that the first goal of the match.

Terminology for online soccer betting in New Zealand

Soccer betting tips

Soccer betting tips are predictions that are made during a match or before the game starts. The tips are of great use to New Zealand players as they assist in giving hints as to which soccer teams might win or lose. This results in helping the players to make wiser decisions on how to spend their real money on betting. The tips include Odds, Strike, and Hits.

Most Common Match Terminology in Soccer Betting

  • Action

–Bets that are made at any time and in any amount.

  • Wager

– A bet.

  • Bet

– When casino players risk their money on the outcome of a specific soccer match.

  • Exotic Wager

– Any other wager that is not a Parlay or Straight Bet.

  • ATS – “Against the Spread”. This is when the person who is betting is taking in points than making bets. It is also referred to as Buck.
  •   Book

– This is usually the increasing amount of money on the outcome of a soccer match.

  •  Bookmarker

– The casino that receives the bets.

  • Buck

– This is when a Kiwi Better is betting a NZ$100 wager.

  • Chalk

– This is a slang word that is used in place of ‘Favorite’.

  • Chalk Player

– Somebody who usually bets on the favourite.

  • Circled Game

– When a lowered bet is used to limit the match.

  • Cover

– When the better wins with a point spread.

  • Dime Bet

– Slang word used when someone bets for a NZ$1 000.

  • Favorite

– The team that expected to win the match.

  • Dime line

– The difference between the underdog and the favourite on the money line when it’s NZ10cents on the betting line.

  • Dollar Bet

– When the better is only betting with NZ$1. It’s also referred to as a Buck.

  • Future

– These are betting odds that are pre-posted.

  • Getting Value

– When the better is receiving the best odds on the betting line.

  • Grading

– When the better’s wager is settled and placed in their account.

  • Half Dollar

– This is a NZ$50 wager.

  • Handicapper

– One who analyses and assesses the sport’s information and then makes the predictions thereafter.

  • Handicapping

– Making predictions on the outcome of a future match.

  • Handle

– The total number of bet takes on a match.

  • Hook

– Half points that are added to soccer betting lines over buying points. Frequently said as “buying the hook”.

  • Juice

– This is the commission that is made by the bookmakers.

  • Line

– Current betting odds on an individual match.

  • Limit

– Cap on the betting limits.

  • Longshot

– The team that is unlikely to win the match.

  • Middle

– Betting on both sides of the match with different amounts with an expectation of winning on both sides. It is mostly known as ‘middle the game’ each time the better wins.

  • Nickel

– A NZ$500 WAGER.

  • Nickel line

– When the juice on the betting line is 5%. Commonly known as the reduced juice.

  • Odds

– The possibility of the betting outcome of a certain match.

  • Off The Board

– When the bookmaker takes down the betting line and is not accepting any bets anymore.

  • Opening line

– Frist betting line posted for a particular match.

  • Price

– This is the point spread on any match.

  • Push

– When no side wins and the wagers are returned to the owner.

  • If Bets

– This is a wager option where a better wants to keep betting but does not have sufficient money.

  • Reverse Bet

– When the better has two ‘If bets’ placed on them.

  • Risk

– This is the amount of money the better wagers.

  • Round Robin

– A convenient and appropriate way for the New Zealand better to place a lot of parlays quicker.

  • Sharp

– Professional better.

  • Sides

– The teams playing the match.

  • Single

– Straight wager.

  • Sportsbook

– Company or online casino that accepts soccer bets.

  • Square

– Someone who started online betting and is still a newbie.

  • Steam

– Betting odds that move faster.

  • Standard line

– When the betting line is 110 on both sides.

  • Stake

– This is the amount of money placed on a bet.

  • Straight Bet

– A wager on a single match.

  • Ticket

– Basically a wager.

  •  Total

– Combined final score of both teams combined.

  • Totals Bet

– A wager that is placed on the total scores of both teams combined.

  • Under

– This is also another type of wager where the total of the combined scores of both teams is below a certain amount.

  • Underdog

– Slang word again for the cocker team that is expected to lose the match.

  • Wise Guy

– The better who mostly wins all of his bets.

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