Scratch CardScratch Cards are the easiest and fun games to play and pass time.  It doesn’t cost much to play a scratch card; however, it gives players a chance to win big. Scratch cards offer players a lifetime opportunity at changing their lives. Lottery games, Scratch cards, or scratch tickets are all denominations for ‘immediate win’ games, mostly derive from the original cardboard scratch cards that were first issued in the ’70s of the last century. Nowadays scratch cards can be played online.


We have some few tips that will guide you to advance your odds of winning scratch cards online. Take a look at them below:

  • Smart Purchase – there are a lot of scratch cards available nowadays. For players that are not familiar with scratch cards it can be a bit confusing. We suggest that you make sure to research properly and find the one that suit you best.
  • Check out the Small Print – small prints are there to tell you the odds of winning on that precise card are. So, we suggest that you read it.
  • Buy in Majority – buying in bulk increase your chances of winning because of the odds on beating a win increases if you purchase several scratch cards in a row.
  • Play Like you play Slots– well, this may need you to act a bit weirder than you would, but it can be beneficial. Experienced pokie players amble around machines to wait until gamblers go on a dry spell or numerous players fail to hit the jackpot prize. You will have to hang around a bit longer at the scratch card shops.
  • Keep your Old Tickets– there’s a good reason to why you should keep the old tickets and nostalgia is not one of them. You might check your ticket and think it’s lost, however, only to find out that it is not. So, keeping them is a good thing.
  • Submit All your Losing Tickets– The only way to be sure that you have not won is to have your ticket officially checked. It can be a missed winning combination or an error on the card that may make you eligible for some type of payment.
  • Learn the Scratch Cards– There is a procedure called the “Singleton Method” it is used by experienced scratch card gamblers. They use this method to analyse the layout and the design of a scratch card to choose up on patterns that will give clues as to if a scratch card has specific numbers, combinations of symbols that lead to a win.
  • Set a Budget and stick to it – it is always a good thing to set a budget and to stick to it. This is to make sure that you don’t waste money that you don’t have and you don’t go above what you have planned to use.


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