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Online Pokie Reviews

Online pokies, otherwise known as ‘slots’ has gained pokie reviews rating massive momentum with online gamblers in New Zealand, and has worked its way up to becoming one of the most popular online casino games to date. We’ve created a guide on what to look for in pokie reviews to help you choose the best online pokie to play.

Various online pokies exist, each offering unique experiences, themes, symbols, special features and prizes. Software providers also create new and exciting pokies throughout the year, offering online players unending games to choose from. You can play for real money, or simply for the fun of it.

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Basic Information for Pokie Reviews

The main aim of pokie reviews is to give Kiwi pokie players honest feedback and insight about a specific game to help them make more informed decisions. We’ve structured this guide with 5 pillars of information we think you need to know before committing to playing an online pokie. You can use these pillars as tools to help you find an online pokie best suited to your likes and interests. Read our pokie reviews below to help you make that all-important decision.

Begin by searching for all the basic information about the game. How is that particular pokie classified in terms of reels, paylines and methods of play? Is the number of reels and paylines worth your while? It’s also useful to know the minimum and maximum stakes per spin to assess whether those amounts are within your budget.

Pokie Themes & Styles

Most online pokies are centered around a certain theme or includes a specific decorative component. Find a game whose theme appeals to you and your interests. You can also look out for added features like HD graphics, special sound effects and animations to enhance your play.

Symbols and Prizes for Online Pokies

Online pokies usually feature a range of symbols each with unique functions and payout values. Identify which of the symbols you need to align on an activated payline to win. Scatters and wildcards are two of the most frequently found symbol functions, and typically also boasts the highest value. Keep an eye out for these when you choose.

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Special Pokie Features

The special features an online pokie offers is often the biggest deciding factor as these provide that edge to really take the game to the next level. These include bonus games, free spins, progressive jackpots and other features that could earn you additional prizes.

Online Pokie Reviews- Final Thoughts

Reading the final thoughts at the end of a pokie review helps you get useful after the fact information about the game. These are usually honest, and based directly on the experiences of the reviewer. However, its important to remember that likes, interests and experiences of individuals may differ. Just because the reviewer enjoyed the game, doesn’t mean you will too, and visa versa. Pokie reviews simply tell you what the game is about, but it’s ultimately up to you to try the game first hand and then make your own judgments.

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