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PAGCOR, Quezon City Officers Fight over a Proposed Casino

A legal quarrel between the Philippine bookmaking regulator and Quezon City bureaucrats over a casino in the city seems looming. Quezon City bureaucrats passed a decree that it would restrict residents to access the casino once operational. Nevertheless, PAGCOR, the regulator that is tasked with supervising the Philippines betting industry, has argued that the decree did violate the national laws, and also threatened to prosecute the city interfering in regulatory body’s purview matters.

Philippine casino resort designer and operator Bloomberry Resorts Corp. revealed their plans to enlarge its Solaire brand with a building in Quezon City. The business, owned by the Philippine business tycoon Enrique Razon Jr., presently runs Solaire Resort & Casino, which is a $1.2 billion joined resort situated along the Bay City part of Parañaque, Metro Manila. The extravagant hotel and casino complex were launched in 2013 and it is the first of four properties within Entertainment City.  A greater government-spearheaded development intended to boost the nation’s tourism industry.

PAGCOR, Quezon City

PAGCOR, Quezon City

Bloomberry has announced about two of its firms which have a tenable PHP40 billion loan to partially fund the development and process of the planned Quezon City resort. Also, Bloomberry wants to break ground on the planned new resort this year and also to launch in 2022. The property will be at the Vertis North Complex.

What fuelled the Argument between Quezon City Officials and PAGCOR? the City Council of Quezon City approved a decree which gave the permission to Bloomberry’s project. However, it included requirements that aimed to limit access to residents of the city to the betting venue. Quezon City bureaucrats, therefore, exposed plans to impose a high entry fee for city residents or an absolute ban. The rule was largely fiocusing on actions like in Singapore. The city-state gathers a daily entry fee of S$100 or a once a year fee of S$2,000 from the residents and nationals who wish to wager at one of its two casinos – Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. Quezon City representatives pointed out that they expect PAGCOR to challenge their regulation and pursue a temporary warning order.

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