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How to Play Sic Bo for Kiwi Players

Play Sic Bo in NZAs one of the fast-paced games, Sic Bo appeals to players who like both craps and roulette. Every game begins with the basic question which in this case is “How to Play Sic Bo”. It doesn’t make sense for Kiwi players to start the game without understanding the way it functions. Only are few components are required to play Sic Bo but no skills are needed. Firstly, follow the steps and wrap your head around the way the game works. We will give you a breakdown of what the dice game entails on this page.

After you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it’s easy to understand. Soon you will be playing the game like a pro and sharing the game with friends. Also, various Sic Bo bets make the game more exciting. It doesn’t have to stop there because we have top-rated casino sites where you can play the game. Get more information about how to play Sic Bo and have fun right away.

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Play Sic

Follow these easy steps and get ready to put Sic Bo to the test:

  1. Players have to allocate a budget for themselves before playing the game. While Sic Bo is a simple game, you always have to be smart about how you spend your money.
  2. Buy your chips and put your money on the table and a dealer will exchange.
  3. Make your bets. The first thing you have to do is place your chips on the table the way you assume it will appear on the dice.
  4. Have a look at the dice, the dice shaker is triggered by pushing the roll button.
  5. The dealer will get rid of the bets that don’t match. If you win, you will be able to collect your payout.
How to Play Sic Bi in NZ

Sic Bo Bets

The great thing about web-based Sic Bo is the range of different wagers players can make. Included is a wide variety of odds and payouts. Listed are a few of the bets:

  • Specific Triple– players can bet on a particular triple, for instance, triple 2’s. If all the three dice show 2’, they win.
  • Any Triple – when three of the dices display the same number, players win the bet irrespective of which number pops up.
  • Specific Double – If two of the three dices show a specific digit that players can wager on, they win.
  • Small – players win when the total sum of the dices is between 4 and 10 with the exception that it’s not a triple.
  • Big – the sum of the three dice needs to be between 11 and 17 for a player to win but not a triple.
  • Total – if the sum of the three dices adds to the specific total score that players wager on, they can claim the winning prize. Let’s say you bet on the total score being 12. This means the three dices must add to twelve when they are added, for example, 4, 2, 6 make up 12.
  • Two-Dice-Combination – players can bet on a minimum of two specific numbers like 5 and 2 that will show on two of the dices.
  • Single-Die-Bets – only one dice has to display the digit you wagered on.

Winning Sic Bo

Once players make their bets, they can click the roll button and watch the dice roll around until it stops. The section of the Sic Bo matching all winning bets will shine. Every Sic Bo bet has different payout odds. The odds are printed on the table so that players don’t crack their head trying to remember them. The smallest payout is 1-1 for the big or small wagers. The largest payout from the game is 180-to-1 for winning a certain triple bet.

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