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Best Omaha Poker Sites

Play Omaha Poker in New ZealandOmaha Poker may not be as popular as Texas Hold ‘em comparatively, however, the poker variant is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s favourite card games online. It is easy to spot the difference between the two poker games, and this guide will help you do that. Poker Omaha games have tons of variations, from Pot Limit Omaha to Omaha Hi/Low, all having unique features and rules of play.

Learn more about Omaha Poker strategy in our comprehensive guide in order to win every time. Once you have cracked how to read Omaha poker hands, you’ll be able to play poker tournaments with the pros.

Top Omaha Poker Sites in NZ



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How to Play Omaha Poker

If you’ve played any type of poker, you will know that the variations are not that different from one another. The only distinct differences are in the way in which players place their bets and the number of hole cards. The game follows the same rules as in all poker games, as described in our step-by-step guide below:

  1. You will have to make bets before the game begins, also known as blinds (big or small).
  2. Players will receive four cards dealt face down from a standard deck of 52-card.
  3. You are required to use two of the cards from your hole cards to create a winning hand made up of five cards. The remain cards will come from the community cards face up.
  4. Once the game has commenced, a round of betting will transpire in which you will have to choose to match the big bling, raise it, or fold your hand.
  5. After the bets have been placed, three community cards will be dealt face-up.
  6. Another opportunity to place bets is given to players once they have seen the cards before another card is added to the community cards.
  7. Another round of betting takes place before the fifth and final community card is dealt, which triggers the last bets to be placed.

Omaha Poker Tournaments

During Omaha poker tournaments, there rules changes as opposed to playing online. In such a case, players remain in the game based on the value of their cards. Once the fifth community card is placed and two or more players remain part of the game, the showdown part of the game commences. In this phase, the players left standing will try and create the best winning hand using the combination of community cards along with their hole cards. There will be two-hole cards as well as three community that will make up the best hand. The dealer will collect the cards once the round is finished and pay the player with the best card. Should the dealer have a winning hand, the big and small blinds will be collected along with the bets.

Best Omaha Poker Sites

Omaha Poker Strategy

While you may be tempted to stake more money after every win, it is advisable to remain prudent with every round of Omaha Poker. Seeing how you have four instead of two-hole hands in Texas Hold ‘em, you will instantly realize that your chances of getting a winning hand will improve. We recommend employing a poker strategy when playing the game online. Tons of players have offered testimony of how our tips have helped them prevent major losses. Check out our to see how it can help you:

  • Gambling on a budget – Kiwi players should limit their gambling spend to a certain amount before they start betting and stick to it.
  • Be Careful of “Low Hanging Fruit” – unlike Texas Hold ‘em, hands that include cards with pairs of Aces, Kings isn’t a good one. You should consider sacrificing one of these pairs in order to have the best possible chance of winning.
  • Always consider the Nut – in Omaha poker, the nut hand is the strongest hand in a round of poker. Players should always consider burning two pairs of a card as that generally doesn’t lead to a winning combination.

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