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Best Online Poker Games NZ

People have been playing online poker since the early 1990s. Known as the online casino game which requires wit, strategy and skill, online poker has garnered much popularity in New Zealand. The game used to be played by the rich and elite, but thanks to technological advancements, anyone with a stable connection can now play poker online!

While the land-based casinos have provided huge obstacles for aspiring players, the internet has opened up a great number of possibilities. From VIP programmes for Kiwis to big global tournaments, many players have taken part in these tournaments which have yielded significant returns. In our guide, we have listed the best online poker sites, exclusive online poker games, top online poker tips, strategies and much more. So, read on below and find out more about playing poker online to win real money.

Top Online Poker Sites



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The safety and security of a real money poker site are essential. When there is money involved, Kiwis want to know their cash is secure from the time they deposit to the time a withdrawal is made. Above is a list of the top online poker sites that are reliable and safe.

Online Poker New Zealand

There are a number of advantages in online poker that will not be found in the tradition brick-and-mortar betting house. For many poker players, online poker is a more comfortable option because of the limitless possibilities it offers such as:

  • Control over the betting limits
  • Faster games mean a lot more games can be played.
  • Convenience; there is no need to drive or take any kind of transportation. Playing is as instant as the proximity to your computer
  • Other players are not able to read your ‘poker tells’
  • Playing on ‘multi-tables’, you have the option of playing on more than one table thus increasing the odds of winning.
  • Endless selection of game variations.

Play the Best Online Poker with Friends

There are many online poker rooms. While some games are popular and easy to understand there are others that need a bit of getting used to. Below are a few popular games in New Zealand.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Many have said that Texas Hold’em is the easiest poker game to learn, however it takes a very long time to master. The game makes use of compulsory bets that are called ‘blinds’. The person playing on the left side of the dealer is called the ‘small blind’ and the following player is called the big blind. There are two cards which are dealt to each of the players which commences the first session of betting from the left side of the person who is the big blind. All the players have the option of calling, folding or raising the ‘big blind’. There are plenty of advanced strategies that can be used with Texas Hold’em and it can be played with friends.

Online poker NZ Texas Hold'em

Pot-Limit Omaha Poker

This is a favoured online game amongst high-stake players because it is action-packed. This game is similar to Texas Hold’em because all the betting rounds are the same. However, PLO uses blinds and five community cards. Each player receives four whole cards and the player must use two whole cards with three community cards to make the best five-card poker hand. Many players love this game because of the many hands that can be played.

Seven Card Stud Poker Online

The online poker version is slower in pace so it can be a great game for novice players. A good memory is rewarded, and there are set betting limits. Each New Zealand player has to pay an ‘ante’ and will receive a number of three cards. Two of them will be facing down and one will face up. The player with the lowest card facing up is forced to ‘bring it in’. This game is easy to learn and It is a great way to start if intimidated by Texas Hold’em. It is important to keep track of everyone’s hand around the table because this increases the odds of winning.

Razz Online Poker

The main objective in Razz is to make the least favourable possible hand in accordance with the classic poker hand ratings. In this game, aces are low and straight flushes don’t count. Betting starts with the person showing the lowest poker hand traditionally. There is a limit in this game like Seven Card Stud and includes betting patterns such as antes, bring-in and completion. Players who are observant and know how to keep track of cards will love this game because of the rewards related to such skills.

Omaha Hi Lo Poker

This kind of game, the highest and lowest hands are split within a pot. In this game, every player will get four cards in the four betting rounds with either a, turn, flop or river. The pot is split between the best high hand and the best low hand once the hand ends. Individually players will make two separate hands, with each using the same two of their hole cards and three of the board cards, one of the high and one of the low. If one player has the favourable high hand and the best low hand then they get the whole hand which is referred to as ‘scooping’.

Online poker best strategies for New Zealand

Best Online Poker Tips for Real Money

Our expert team of players have compiled a list of the most popular strategies that New Zealanders can use when gambling on online poker. Some of these are as follows:

Play within your roll

The objective of playing online poker for real money is to make money. It is then essential to play within your bankroll to make money. In the online poker universe, you are playing against other players; this means that it is your roll against a limitless roll of the rest of the game. Stick to the general rule that you need to have less than 5% of your roll in play on one table at a time.

Don’t monitor your poker balance

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of continually checking your poker balance in your account. It is to ensure that your spirits are always kept high and you are motivated to play. Checking the balance and seeing a lower amount can demotivate you which can lead you to make impulsive decisions.

Be familiar with new aspects of online

There are features that are only unique to online poker, like the time-bank feature. For many beginner online-poker players, the set amount of time to take action can be daunting and will require some adjustment. Also taking note of the layout of the poker game can be beneficial for novices.

Start by playing a single table

Playing multi-tables can be tempting but, taking time to understand the technical aspects of the online game will be beneficial once you advance to other tables. Learn to win consistently on one table before moving on. Then once confident play as many tables as desired.

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